The Stolen Scream

Noam Galai posted a few pictures to Flickr in 2006 that have since become a worldwide cultural phenomenon without his permission. The full story is best told by Fstoppers.

What I find most interesting about Mr. Galai’s take on the situation is that he isn’t going around trying to sue the pants off of everyone who has used his image. Sure, there may be some leeway with fair use laws and that sort of thing, but clearly some of these for-profit companies that have used his photographs in their publications would be liable. But Galai, although disappointed, doesn’t seem to be inclined to go after them.

Instead, he’s happy that people are seeing his photograph. To me, that’s a refreshing, although unexpected, take on the situation. And I hope that in the long run Galai will be well compensated for his talents.

You can check out Galai’s Flickr photostream to see his great work.

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