Ten Home-Based Business Ideas

You’ve decided to shift some things around and open a business so you can work from home—but what type of business will you start? Some businesses are better suited for the home than others. Take a look at the list below for a few ideas on what direction to take your home business.

Childcare is a great home business to start.
Childcare is a great home business to start.

1. Childcare Services

If you love kids, you could provide valuable daycare and/or overnight services to busy professionals with children. Make sure to check with your state for the requirements and certifications you will need.

2. Contractor Referral Service

For homeowners, finding a reputed service for home repairs is not an easy task. To make the task a bit easier, new home contractor referral services have started up. You can create a third-party service company if you manage to become an unbiased source for home repair referrals.

3. On-Site Computer Service

With computers a necessity in nearly all small businesses and homes, it’s no surprise that the computer service market has grown to over $300 billion on its own with no national chain. You will find opportunities serving businesses and consumers on-site with their networking upgrades and repair needs. To start this business, you do not necessarily need a diploma or any sort of certificate, but you do need to complete courses for certified technicians.

Event planning is a good home-based business for detail-oriented people.
Event planning is a good home-based business for detail-oriented people.

4. Event Planning

There’s a personality type some people have that makes them perfect for a job involving a high level of organization, strong attention to detail, keeping cool under the pressure of deadlines, and patience. If you’re a strong planner and you prove yourself trustworthy, you could find yourself in high demand from busy professionals for very little startup capital.

5. Accountant Services

More and more in-house positions are being eliminated, but just because a position has been eliminated doesn’t mean the work doesn’t still need to get done. If math is one of your strengths, consider training to become a Certified Public Accountant and running an accountant business out of your home.

6. Management Consulting

The management consulting field continues to grow despite the current economic condition. The field serves everything from big organizations to small businesses. Although there are more than 70,000 independent consultants in the United States, future prospects look good as consulting is driven by technological advances, present outsourcing trends, and deregulation. You need to select your area as a consultant carefully, as the management consulting business is industry-specific.

7. Homemade Products

The DIY craze is in full swing, and you can take advantage of consumers’ increasing desire to provide handmade, locally-made gifts—and not only that, but starting an online business saves costs. Soap, candles, paper products, handmade sewn aprons or clothes—the list goes on. Try opening an Etsy storefront or consider renting a booth at your local craft show.

8. Public Relations Consultant

Business organizations can only make their presence felt in the market when the public relations department is in order. The need for public relations consultants is growing rapidly as companies vie for leading positions among their clients. Working as a public relations consultant requires the ability to understand marketing trends and the ability to work at promoting the business of the companies you are consulting for.

Home inspection is a flexible work-from-home position.
Home inspection is a flexible work-from-home position.

9. Home Inspection

Purchasing a home is a big investment, there’s a lot of research work required. Home inspectors provide comprehensive, unbiased home inspections and reports prior to a client purchasing a property.

To take advantage of this business opportunity, you’ll need proper training and certification. The significant factor here is that the real estate market runs in two kinds of cycles: boom and bust. In order to survive a slowdown, you must offer regular maintenance inspection contracts to clients.

10. Information Professional

Searching the World Wide Web for information for providing research and information for customers is growing. To make the right kind of business decisions, clients need accurate information in a timely manner. Your company size is not as much of a factor in this business. By accessing the internet, information professionals can offer detailed information that can turn out to be quite useful for any business organization.

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