About Us

Click&Inc grew out of a passion for helping entrepreneurs become small business owners—and helping small business owners succeed.

Ten years ago, Click&Inc was a hastily assembled one-desk operation with one goal in mind: help make the business filing process simpler while staying away from providing costly legal advice. Today a proud member of the Legal Research Center family of businesses, Click&Inc operates with that same goal in mind, but continues to add new products, services, and perspective with its diverse and talented staff.

Since its inception, Click&Inc’s blog has been a leading source for straightforward, no-nonsense information, guides, and examples that small business owners return to again and again. We’re proud to contribute what we can to your small business.

The Blogging Team


An avid science fiction fan, Sarah has the uncanny ability to point out the relevance of Dune or Star Trek to nearly any topic of conversation. When she isn’t blogging about businesses or intellectual property, Sarah can be found exploring the Twin Cities with her dog, supporting the local music scene, or arguing the finer points of The Chicago Manual of Style with anyone who will listen.


With idols like Woody Allen and Chuck Palahniuk, it is easy to see where she gets some of her eccentricities. Claire spends her free time rescuing dogs, writing short stories, working on DIY art projects, and going to see live music and films. Miles Davis, her dachshund, assists in blogging by playing a mean trumpet along with the clicking of the keyboard.


Before coming to Click, Matt once convinced his entire company to relocate to their new offices by hiking eighteen miles across the Twin Cities with their office supplies strapped on their back, just to get on CNN (it worked). He has hired Olympic archers to cut the ribbon at grand openings. He has adopted two pit bulls, and he takes pride in being better at playing guitar than most people are at driving.


After his successful pursuit of a double major in Political Science and Business Economics at Clark Atlanta University, Steve decided to leave academia to pursue his lifelong dream of urban planning. Steve’s hobbies include restoring classic cars with his wife and planning how best to scare the neighborhood children on Halloween. He is currently penning his memoir.


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