Book Review

If you’re an author, and you’ve written a book on business or intellectual property that you think might benefit our readers, why not have us review your book in an exclusive blog post?

Just send your book to our offices, and we’ll post a brief review of the book and offer our readers a chance to win a copy! Our review will invite our readers to comment for a chance to win, and we will promote the drawing via blog post and Twitter (and invite you to do the same). One commenter will be selected at random to receive a free copy of your book at the end of one week.

(Want more than one lucky reader to win a copy? Send us two!)

To submit your book your review, just send a copy of it to:

Click and Inc
Attn: Book Review
310 Fourth Avenue South
Suite 1100
Minneapolis, MN 55415

In addition, please send an email to bookreview [at] and give us:

  1. the URL to your website or storefront so that we can link to it (if you don’t have one or don’t send us one, we’ll try finding your listing on Amazon and link to that instead)
  2. an image of your book cover
  3. any biographical information you’d like to give us that will help us write a great post!

By submitting your book to our Book Giveaway drawing, you understand:

  • that we are not obligated to post a review should we at our sole discretion deem your book inappropriate for our readers/blog.
  • that we cannot control whether or not our readers choose to comment (this is where it would be helpful for you to help us spread the word!).
  • that outside of our standard efforts to increase blog readership, we will not actively promote your book outside of a limited number of blog posts and tweets.
  • that unless you provide us with return postage, we are unable to return materials to you in the event that we do not choose to feature your book or if we have more copies of your book than comments.
  • that by sending us your book you agree that you have the right to promote the book, including use of cover images and excerpts, and that you have obtained any necessary written permission from co-authors (if any), publishers, or other interested parties to proceed.

We apologize if we are unable to feature your book, and we appreciate your understanding. If you’d like to propose your book before sending it, please send an excerpt, summary, or website link to the email address above, and we’re happy to take a look and let you know if we think the subject matter will be appropriate for our audiences.