Friday Favorites: 3/7/11 – 3/11/11

This week we look at a variety of perspectives on marketing your business. Today’s consumer is not your grandfather’s consumer; discover what consumers respond to—and what isn’t working.

Why Brands Should Strive For Imperfection

We’re all wise to the fact that the Big Mac you order from the drive-through doesn’t even come close to the Big Mac on the billboard you just passed, and this is a powerful idea. The public is skeptical of perfection; perfection is a myth, and your customers don’t want to be sold a myth. They want something real, relevant to their real, non-airbrushed lives.

Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive

Noah Goldstein & co. have researched fifty aspects of persuasion backed by research and studies. Buy the book, or read the summaries provided here. Market your business the scientific way!

Secrets of the Biggest Selling Launch Ever

Marketing genius Seth Godin breaks down Apple’s record-smashing iPad launch to reveal valuable information that applies to multinational corporations and smaller startups alike.

Why the Search Marketing Industry Must Adapt or Perish

Stepping back from the down-n-dirty of the SEO machine, this articles pulls back the lens and looks at the history of keyword-seeding and the threat posed to traditional SEO practices by Chrome’s “personal blacklist” extension.

Retailers Make Hay By Responding to Negative Comments

There’s a tendency to think of disgruntled customers as lost causes, but what if you could change their minds? Converts make the best zealots. Apply this principle and see how far a little personal attention can get you—you might be surprised.

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