Entrepreneurs Hail SXSW’s StartupBus, A Unique Challenge

All aboard for SXSW's Entrepreneur Startup Bus!
All aboard for SXSW’s Entrepreneur StartupBus!
What do home video event-narrative templates, a real-time text-based personalized baby schedule-reminder service, and a virtual muscle-bound bouncer for your email have in common? They’re all brand new innovations that are being developed for this year’s South by Southwest in Austin, Texas by StartupBus teams, and the developers have a few unique challenges that set their efforts apart from those of most technological entrepreneurs: these people are doing their thing on a bus on the way to SXSW, and their products have to get from drawing board to complete implementation—as in fully ready for purchase or testing by investors—by the time they get there.

If you’ve never heard of StartupBus, you’re not alone. The project is only in its second year—but as the number of buses and cities has increased from 1 to 6, it’s clear that this concept is making waves in the investment community.

If you think the individual teams have it rough, they aren’t getting any sympathy from the founders—the story of StartupBus’s inception is a roller coaster of emotions, chiefly panic and exhaustion, and a success story of how a few people can band together in the name of technological innovation and do what it takes to get things done.

StartupBus is an inspiration to all entrepreneurs and should be hailed as a new and exciting way to put in touch those who create with those who invest in new creations.

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