Insanely Creative Corporate Event Ideas That Simply Make It Rocking

[This article was written by Michael Zhou.]

When it comes to planning and organizing a corporate event, all that you are concerned with is how to professionally convey the underlying message with fun and engagement. A corporate event means nothing if it isn’t productive and doesn’t build personal as well as professional relationships.

So how are you going about planning a corporate event in your organization?

The most important and challenging aspect to begin with is to come up with an idea, implement a theme around it, and conclude it to the last detail. One way to do it is to incorporate group activities that are fun, constructive and inspirational.

Since corporate event planning is never simple as keeping everyone happy is a tough task, so it’s time to get creative in order to make it perfectly enjoyable. Moreover, these events are also an opportunity to bring out best of ideas for the management of the whole organization.

The following ideas will help you run an event that will get people talking:

Choose a perfect venue

Venue is the most important aspect of your planning since all your company employees would definitely like to move away from offices and cubicles to something cooler. The more quirky venue you choose for the event, the more exciting it will get. It’s all about the view of the venue along with its feel that matter a lot to the attendees. As a matter of fact, the key to organizing a productive event is to get employees out of their usual work routine. By changing this overall vibe can impact the overall interactions of your staff, which in turn will re-energize them. However, you also need to make sure that the chosen venue aligns with your brand’s values.


The decorations depend upon what kind of event you are planning, which in turn will more likely add to its success. The décor should reflect all the positivity and excitement  that are inherent in any impactful event. Whether you are planning a special theme or want to conduct it in a traditional way, decorations are critical in transforming atmospherics. Branded floors, for example, will make the event more dynamic and inclusive.         Incorporating LED bars is an excellent idea for many different logos and company signage and branding. You can also hang a few chandeliers in the event hall so that everybody’s face will be lighted up. Furthermore, as far as the success of corporate events is concerned, there are certain variables that you cannot overlook. For example, the quality of event goody bags, or the catering can have a huge impact on how attendees perceive the event.

Foods and Drinks

What about feeding the attendees? You won’t have them talk about your event unless wining and dining satiates them fully. So keeping in mind the number of people that are going to be present in the gathering, get your caterers ready to serve. Whether it is meals or drinks or desserts, foods and beverages serve a delicious branding opportunity. You can create custom water bottle labels and logos of your company’s brand, or you can serve large cakes or cupcakes with print on them. So in order for your staff to remember this event for a long time, make the branding of food diverse by adapting to different styles, colors and names.

Engaging Activities

It would be better if you allow the attendees to also contribute towards making the function a success. For that, you can incorporate games and activities. The more engaging these activities are, the easier it will be for attendees to gel with each other. The following games and activities will help you pull of an engaging corporate event:

  • Concerts: Everyone loves great music concerts and soulful music brings people together from all over. In general the corporate events when combined with live music and perhaps some wine and cheese becomes a smash hit.
  • Karaoke: You can invite the interested employees to perform karaoke on stage. As a hobby from middle or high school, some of your attendees are dying to sing their favorite rock anthems.
  • Treasure hunt: With many players in the fray, you can invite them to find the hidden objects or places by following a series of clues. You can mix up the order and hide the note in a new spot at each location.
  • Ping pong: As a great refresher and stress-buster, playing ping pong will also be an enjoyment booster. Someone from your staff would be secretly awesome at this game.
  • Room escape games: Ask the players to escape a locked room using clues and puzzles in search of the key to unlock the door.
  • Cotton Ball Blitz: In this game, players have to move as many cotton balls as they can from one place to another with their nose by putting a mild adhesive on it.

Final Thoughts

Corporate events are a great way for organizations to promote their brand image, re-energize their employees and attract more clients as well as customers. So this goal can best be fulfilled when you make the event entertaining, engaging and qualitative. The above mentioned tips can greatly help you in achieving that.

Author Bio:

Michael Zhou is a Senior VP of Business Intelligence Development, he has assisted the Fortune 1000 company with expertise in the web as a whole, including ground-zero marketing efforts that benefit both consumer and vendor. He is a thinker, communicator, marketer, competitor, people person, and all-around busy bee. A relentless networker with several years of real world experience and two college degrees under his belt. He is also contributor on Esprittoday.

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