The Best 4 Equipment You Need to Invest in for Your First Office

[This article was written by Margaux Weighner.]

Now that you’ve leveled up your small business and decided to get an office, it’s also about time to start considering which equipment you’ll need to keep your company up and running. Yes, you need an efficient and productive workforce, but they’ll also need just as efficient machinery make tasks simpler, faster and more convenient.

There’s a variety of office equipment out there to choose from, and some even come with all the bells and whistles. But because you’re just starting out and have a budget in mind, your first few equipment purchases must be useful and practical.

1.       Computer

A computer is a smart multi-functional equipment that can perform various tasks that are beneficial to your business. You probably won’t find even a small business without a computer. You need a reliable computer to create files, gather and analyze data and store them up in the cloud. A workstation with internet connection also allows you to connect and communicate with customers and employees. Additionally, you can install proprietary programs and software into the computer to efficiently run a business, such as applications for bookkeeping and accounting.

2.       Printer

The printer is a device that connects to the computer so you can physically print out the files. A printer is a business must-have because employees, customers and even you as the manager or owner need to see and read data in their actual forms. Consider getting a printer that can print in a wide variety of formats and efficiently uses ink to further save on printing costs.

3.       Copier

You may print out multiple copies of files, but that would be time-consuming and importantly, expensive. An advanced business copier is an excellent investment as it takes away the redundancy of printing. Instead, the copier takes on the task just by replicating the files based on the number of copies you need. It would be great to pick a copier that can produce prints both in black and white and colored. The copier is your dependable machine when you need to replicate any amount of copies for distribution.  

4.       Paper Shredder

Any business needs to store and remove confidential information safely. When you need to get rid of sensitive information, the paper shredder is the best device for you. The shredder tears the paper into multiple small pieces that are impossible to put back together. It’s more efficient and quicker than manually shredding the files and more eco-friendly than burning them. General, non-confidential documents can go straight to the recycle bin.


Setting up your first office is both very overwhelming and exciting time. Shopping for your first few office equipment just make this achievement feel even more real. However, you don’t want to blow a large chunk of money on devices that are impractical and redundant.

You need to start with the basics first but opt for equipment with high-quality. You will be forging a long-term relationship with this machinery, so it’s best to choose based on what your business truly needs. You can add, remove or modify your equipment requirements down the line as you assess which would prove to be more useful investments for your office.

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