Friday Favorites: E-Commerce Edition

This week, we’re all about e-commerce! As usual, we’ve collected some amazing blog posts from around the interwebs for some light weekend reading. Come back to work Monday morning refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to rake in those online sales!

From site-to-site collaboration to foreign expansion, this excellent post by the Noobpreneur team has some great ideas for any online business looking to increase sales.

Are your margins shrinking because your prices are too low? Take a cue from infomercials, auctions, and other out-of-the-box sales strategies to foster a spirit of competition among your customers—with your business as the prize!

It’s the Age of the Smartphones, and guess where many consumers are doing a growing amount of their shopping? Take Steve’s down-to-earth advice and develop a solid mobile version of your website for this set of savvy shoppers—or they’ll find a competitor that does!

The title says it all—and best of all, most of the online tools recommended here are free!

Happy weekend!
Image courtesy of M Reza Faisal; some rights reserved.

Happy weekend!

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