Website Development – Is It Really Dead or Still Worth Investing for Future?

[This article was written by Ankit Patel.]

Today, businesses are getting into the website development to gain benefits that the digital platform brings in and, most importantly, to get a competitive edge over the others in the market. The result of this is that there are more than 1.5 billion websites available over the internet today! Isn’t it interesting that how websites have become part of our daily lives? Whether it is about getting information about the topic of our interest, finding nearest restaurant or it is about shopping, the web development has changed the way we carry out our day-to-day activities.

In such scenario, do you think it is the “SUNSET” for the website development? Many of the industry experts and trend analysts are discussing and debating over the survival of web development in near future.

Of course, things are changed and may not be promising as earlier, but that doesn’t mean the WEB IS DEAD. Even today, if we talk about the top-ranking jobs in the market, the profession of website design and development is ranking higher as compared to the other professions! But if you’re planning to make your career in web development and constantly changing market trend shaking your decision of getting into design and development website, then relax and take a look at the reasons why website development is still in demand and worth investing into.

  • Rising demand for website developers!

Well, whether you believe it or not, but website developers are in a huge demand these days! There are still many businesses or individuals available in the market, which are keen to make their online presence. Moreover, Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected the job growth for web developers from 2014 through 2024 is almost 27%, which almost 4 times the national average.

Aside to this, the competition to hire the skilled developer is insane and there are no signs it will go down in the near future.

  • Never dying expectations of the end-users…

This is vague! With the advancement in technology and rise of hand-held devices like mobile, tablets and smartwatches, end-user’s expectations are at its peak and seem unstoppable. The days are gone when people were surfing static websites to get the information. Today, people are coming up with wide range expectations, of course, most of them are very complicated but some are stupid too!

So, it is the best time to show the power of the website development services and bring rich user experience through compelling but innovative features to cater the expectations of the novice users in the market.

  • It is a quite PREDICTABLE when you’re playing with the web!

One of the finest things about designing and developing a website is you always know what is possible and what is not possible. Being a professional website development company, you have managed to grab the project, that’s cool! All you’ve to do is get the fundamentals clear, prepare the design, start utilizing your technical expertise, and you’re done!

When it comes to web development, you don’t need any magic wand. You’re always sure about that at the end the website will have the functionalities you’ve planned at the early stage. This means you can predict well in advance about your work.

  • Soon websites will build themselves, without your help…

The days are gone when you used to play with HTML and CSS to design and develop the website. But soon if you wish to build a website, all you’ve to do is to fill-up the online form, answer a few questions related to the design of a website and you are done! The software will itself build the website based on the preferences you choose during the initial question answer phase.

In future, the business people will be able to decide what they want, how they want, and they will be dealing with the entire process of developing a website, that too without any technical expertise!

  • A whole host of new opportunities in the coming years!

Technology changes constantly and so do the way we design and develop the website. When it comes to website development services, the trend keeps changing every now and then. This means, there are a lot of new opportunities for the businesses as well as for the developers playing in the designing and development of the website.

There are new dimensions opened for the individuals and developers, which includes artificial intelligence, internet of things, chatbots, motion UI and many more.

Final Verdict…

The discussion above clearly indicates that web development is a tremendously rich field and going to bring lot opportunities for the businesses as well as for the individuals. Anyone coming to you and saying that it is not worth getting into development of a website or web is dead, then it is totally a misconception. The websites were, are and will be the most influential field for all, including businesses and developers!

Author Bio:

Ankit Patel is a Asst. Marketing Manager at top notch mobile app development company, XongoLab Technologies. Depicts his multi-talented personality as the manager of content marketing department with the same company. He loves to write and share about new & upcoming technology, mobile app, web development, programming tools, and web design. Follow him on @Twitter.


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