Seth Godin, Marketing Mastermind

If you’re running a business, and you’ve never heard of Seth Godin, literally drop anything you’re doing right now and pay attention. This guy knows his stuff, and if you’re wondering how to reach potential customers without simultaneously annoying the crap out of them, make Seth a regular part of your reading. Here are a few of my favorite sources.

Short, sweet bursts of brilliance. Sometimes brief food for thought, other times a full feast of information, Seth posts frequently about whatever marketing or business topic that happens to be on his mind. Regardless of the format or subject matter, he always makes you think. Do yourself a favor and add Seth’s blog to your feed right away.

Aren’t you bored with the same old spam-email campaign? So is Seth. And so, for that matter, are the rest of us. With the brilliant Permission Marketing, you’ll learn how to approach your customers as an asset and an ally, not as an eye-roll-worthy annoyance. The points he makes in 1999 hold true even now—marketing without irritating your market base never goes out of style.

Article farms are destroying the Internet. OK, while that may be over-dramatizing the issue, it is nevertheless a fact that I recently spent fifteen minutes trying to locate an online resource for home plant care that I didn’t suspect of being manufactured in an SEO lab somewhere for the sole purpose of putting ads in my face before giving up in frustration. (And no, the plant didn’t make it.)

Squidoo is the solution to this: it’s community-vetted, so if you know your stuff, those around you appreciate—and if you look like a content farm, you’re not likely to get off the ground. (And as a recent lensmaster myself, I can tell you that working with modules and photos and surveys is straight up fun—not an adjective I frequently use with solely text-based article-hosting sites.)

TED—Technology, Entertainment, Design—has become synonymous with making the world a better place. Seth Godin adds his unique voice to the discussion in a series of videos that you simply must watch. TED is always inspiring, and Seth doesn’t disappoint.

Seth Godin
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