Online Tools for Small Businesses

Small businesses don’t always have the ability to hire a full staff to get things done—but with online business tools (many of which are free to use), you can organize your business, cut strategic corners, and take care of more day-to-day tasks than you ever thought possible.

Here are a few fantastic resources that can help you take control of your small business’s progress, brought to you by top leaders in the online business arena. Take a look at what these online business tools can do for you!

If you haven’t heard of, LinkedIn Today, or AllTop—what are you waiting for? You may think you’re trucking along just fine on your own, but consider how much time some of these shortcuts could save you—time that could be better spent running your business.

One of the most comprehensive lists we’ve seen. BizSugar provides an excellent list of tools—many of them free—to help give your business that forward momentum and keep it going!

This post puts the movers and shakers in the social media arena in perspective. A mere decade ago, no one ever could have imagined how “social media” (whatever that is) would help launch businesses into the lives of their customers. But whatever the shifting format, the goals remain the same: value and connections.

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