Mobile Retail: Taking Work with You on Vacation

The business of retail marketing has changed in recent years. Until just a decade or two ago, most retail marketers were tied to brick-and-mortar storefronts and worked according to a schedule dictated by typical “shopping hours.”

But thanks to technology, those days are gone. Many retailers operate online shops that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This versatility doesn’t stop there – it also means shop owners can take their work with them no matter where they go. Whether the retailer is a new or experienced small business owner, retailers can enjoy vacations and more, all while keeping up with work-related tasks.

Vacations Really Are Possible

Is this how you want to spend your vacation?
Is this how you want to spend your vacation?

Having online shops make it possible for business owners to do a very limited amount of work while on vacation. Checking the status of inventory and orders and responding to emails doesn’t have to invade the fun and relaxation of vacation time. These tasks can be set aside for times when they fit in, such as at the end of the day or first thing in the morning.

Shop owners can easily keep the shop operating as usual, all while sunbathing on a beautiful beach, enjoying breathtaking scenery, strolling through a gorgeous garden, or indulging in a relaxing spa treatment. The Internet and other technological advances have made it possible for shop owners to take their businesses on the road with them. Retail is now mobile.

These same innovations have not only changed the way consumers shop for merchandise, it has also changed the way they pay for things.

Modern Changes

Mobile retail has revolutionized the way consumers pay for purchases. This change started when Visa was introduced in 1958. But that was only the beginning of many changes that were yet to come.

Fast forward to today to find products and services like countless types of apps, mobile credit card processing, digital wallets, and digital coupons that are working at making drastic changes to the commerce industry.

Customers expect businesses to have websites that offer the conveniences of online shopping. Internet shopping is convenient, and it’s a time-saving option. In essence, owners of these shops can use software programs to automate most business processes. This makes it possible to leave the business “unattended” for a period of time.

The Gadgets

On-the-go office!
On-the-go office!

After setting up the required software programs, merchants can use modern technical gadgets like tablets and smartphones to turn retail into a mobile operation. Business owners use them to carry on with business activities while on-the-go.

The best part about the devices is that they are so portable. Because they are small enough to fit into a purse or pocket, they can be taken just about any place, including to a night club, restaurant, museum, park, beach, or almost anyplace else. They are perfect for conducting business while on vacation.

Daily Tasks While on Vacation

A vacation should be stress-free. Planning ahead will provide peace of mind; with proper preparation, the retail business owner can easily maintain the business while enjoying a fabulous vacation.

Keep a short to-do list of daily tasks.
Keep a short to-do list of daily tasks.

Develop a streamlined list of daily tasks that will be completed while on vacation. Include only the things that are essential.

Working ahead before the trip will provide a cushion during the time away. This can help create a sense of composure regarding leaving the business and giving up routine activities for a period of time.

Vacations are meant to be a break from routine. Even so, a smartphone with apps is all that is needed to keep up with a business while on vacation. A savvy businessperson can set aside a time to check emails each day and to make any necessary phone calls.

If necessary, an assistant can be hired to handle any details or problems that may come up during the vacation time. Prior shipping arrangements can be made for any orders that may come in during a vacation.

With a little planning and preparation, business owners of today can easily getaway for a vacation without worries that their businesses will suffer.

Debbie Allen is a freelance writer who shares tips about online marketing and related topics.

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