How much Money does YouTubers actually make Monetizing YouTube!

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YouTube, which was once a platform for pure and legit infotainment has also added money making features to it for a long time now. YouTubers all over the world showcase their artistry to generate revenue from the content they upload to their channels.

If you want to know how to make money on YouTube then the primary interpretation would be becoming a YouTube partner. In case you are uploading hundreds of videos to your channel with an impeccable content you can easily acquire a million views per month. The revenue per hundred views depends on various factors such as the country, video type, ad blockers etc.

Being a partner to YouTube will generate revenue if you incorporate YouTube ads at the beginning of your video. Such a scheme would engender a certain percentage of the total income as a token for allowing YouTube to stream its advertisement over your channel. Here the money is split among the uploader and the admin with a share of 55% going to the account of the streamer and 45% for the enterprise commencing the advertisement.

Some of the specks to note if you’re looking how to make money from YouTube or from your video streaming business:

Product Placement

  • Brands require promoting their products through the use of high-quality videos.
  • Create a video which feels natural and simple to understand.
  • Advertisers won’t benefit if you confuse customers with a product which is not of their choice.
  • Try collaborating with brands which are related to the products you endorse through your video content.
  • Make sure there is a relation between the product offers and the video developed.
  • It is important to have your advertisers on board before you start producing video content.

Get Sponsorships

  • Create sponsorships circling the video content which you have created.
  • Include the brand of the player which you have utilized in creating this video content.
  • Make sure that the product is fitted perfectly in the video you have created. Don’t go haywire in the inclusion of product.
  • A branding which is meaningless in the context of the video will be an object of irritation for the viewer.

Include small commercials

  • Create a 15 second advertisement video where you can promote your brand.
  • Customers have accepted the fact of watching an ad just before the video commences.
  • Someone with a huge archive of videos must require a sales team right by their side dedicated only to sell your video.
  • Keep in mind that your content does not have too much ads which might bug the audience.


  • Consumers are sticking to subscription-based platforms and are not worried to pay platforms like Netflix a certain amount of money in order to relish their videos.
  • Even YouTube started a trend of charging its customers a specific amount to watch their videos.
  • Make the fee scarce so that it can be afforded by everyone.

Pay-Per-View Live

  • The easiest way to earn from a live video is to charge viewers for it directly, as in an amount per view.
  • You can also create a platform which allows watching a video only after the payment is complete.
  • This system of monetization has HD video streaming features incorporated in it.
  • It also carries the benefit of immediate return policy.
  • The whole stream will be ad free and will make customers happy.
  • Don’t worry about viewers looking for free video streaming platforms. You will solely make money from the number of subscriptions on your platform.

Crowd funding

  • Here the crowd is asked to donate and contribute to the cause.
  • Remember to provide occasional awards and gifts to the ones who have donated in your venture.
  • Monthly donations can be availed by a video streaming platform and in return the consumers must be freed of subscription.

Broadcaster Software

  • Decent broadcaster software is required in order to access the portal from anywhere you want only with a payment.
  • This software enables the subscription plans and premium videos can only be watched upon subscription.
  • Some broadcaster software would create a YouTube clone as well.

Here are some YouTubers who are actually making a lot of money from YouTube:


800,000 is a colossal number of subscribers, right? Olgakay, a channel uploading content related to beautification had earned around $130,000 in three years as told to NYTimes. For every 1000 views, this channel earns an amount of $5.


This is one such YouTube channel which streams random topics related to other YouTubers. With 375,000 subscribers this channel earns around $26,000 for every 18 million views. Calculations have deducted that earnings are basically $1.5 per 1000 words.


With an enormous amount of subscribers which has touched the $2 million mark Ryan Higa, a comedian who has revolutionized the concept of stand-up comedy by making videos sitting at home has a net worth of $151,000.


Shane is basically the torchbearer of all YouTube channels and the most prolific artist of this decade. His impersonations and spoof videos have earned the 22-year-old-guy a reputation making him the richest YouTuber of the century. Shane has got above 1.8 million subscribers and has acquired somewhere around 361.5 million views in total. With revenue of $315,000 per year, this youngster is the highest grossing Youtube at the moment.

Wrapping up, it is crucial to understand that the money making scheme on YouTube directly depends on the quality and nature of the content. Monetizing your channel must be your prime focus which would require stellar content as well as mind-boggling videos. If you are looking for ways of how to make money on YouTube it is commendable to upload precise and immaculate videos rather than having the thought of earning money through shortcut methods.

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