Friday Favorites: Employee or Entrepreneur?

Employee or entrepreneur? With the unemployment rate what it is, many people are asking themselves what the best move is: work for an existing business as an employee, or go the entrepreneur route and start their own businesses.

While there’s no simple right answer to this, we’ve collected information and insights from around the blogosphere throughout the week to bring you the tools you need to make the right decision.

This great post by Adam Toren looks at goals and personality traits to help you determine whether starting a business is the right decision for you, or if you might better excel at a traditional company job.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that starting a business is a fast-track to success. Think climbing the corporate ladder takes patience? Try starting a business from scratch. Just make sure to do it with reasonable expectations in mind.

This post contains a wealth of information from all over the internet on nearly every topic you can think of: sales, business ideas, tricks of the trade, and more. Make sure you’re considering all aspects of your business, and get your entrepreneurial journey off to a good start!

 Image courtesy of Victor1558 and reproduced under a Creative Commons license.
Entrepreneur or Employee? How to decide

Happy journey!

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