Connect With Entrepreneurs and Creative Professionals with Startup Weekend!

Got the entrepreneurial bug, but don’t know where to go from here?

Think your design skills would benefit a startup, but don’t have a startup in mind?

Looking for a great team to share your coding skills with?

If you’re a fast mover and you want to see your ideas implemented quickly, if you’re looking to expand your professional network, and if you love how ideas can come together quickly to build even bigger, more powerful ideas, Startup Weekend might be just the event you’re looking for.

What is Startup Weekend?

Imagine a place where exciting, enthusiastic people with technical or business backgrounds can get together to share ideas, build products, and help each other succeed.

Imagine learning how to start a business from local business mentors and leaders who understand your market and want to help you realize your dream.

Imagine the excitement of bouncing your ideas off of some of the brightest minds in developing, coding, marketing, and business—and seeing those ideas brought to life.

Imagine embarking on your entrepreneurial destiny.

Startup weekend is a partnership between the Kauffman Foundation and Google, designed to facilitate collaboration between awesome people who want to make awesome things happen. What could be better?

Where does Startup Weekend take place?

All over the world! Here in the US, you can attend a Startup Weekend in the following cities:

Columbus, Ohio: June 29-July 1

Las Vegas, Nevada: July 13-15

Seattle, Washington: July 13-15

Don’t see your city? Request a Startup Weekend Bootcamp, or organize your own Startup Weekend!

How do I register for Startup Weekend?

It’s simple; just visit their website and fill our their application form. You can’t beat the prices (an entire weekend jam-packed with activities and collaborations for under a hundred bucks, even cheaper for students!), and you can’t beat the excitement and energy!

Form a startup in 54 hours, with a dynamic team you can collaborate with long after the event is over. Register now!

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