Your Poor Grammar May Be Costing Your Business Twitter Followers

[Today’s article was written by Debbie Allen, who is an online marketer, content writer, and blogger.]

Twitter can be an excellent platform for growing your business. You can use it as a place to promote articles that discuss topics relating to your products—which link to your sales pages—and you can update your followers on happenings within your business. In general, it’s a great social network tool for getting to know your target audience in a unique sort of way.

You Represent Your Business

Show them the person behind the business!

This is an important position. If you think about it, some people may imagine that the person behind each and every business is a wealthy man who has always been used to having his way about everything in life. This image does not settle well with a lot of people.

Be Real

Taking the time to ‘be real’ and get to know your audience can make a difference in how you and your business are perceived. However, it is important not to get too real. There are certain things you shouldn’t disclose on Twitter or on any social networking site, for that matter.

Learn the Dos and Don’ts

There are certain things that are considered no-no’s in the Twitter world. For instance, spamming is not okay. This includes posting harmful links and links with unrelated tweets; but it also refers to things like aggressive following behaviors and creating multiple accounts.

Spamming can also be accomplished by posting duplicate updated posts over and over again and by abusing the @mention or @reply function in order to post (unwanted) messages to users.

Self-promotion is definitely considered a no-no at Twitter. Remember, you should engage in conversations or—at the very least—contribute to the flow of things. Don’t Tweet too much, and don’t Tweet too little. You have to strike a balance and engage with your followers.

Keeping it Professional

Spelling errors and the use of poor grammar will turn some people off—this can be problematic for your business.

Tweets should not get too personal. Keep things focused. Additionally, you need to check your spelling and grammar.

You may think it’s okay to ignore spelling and grammar at a social network site, but it’s not. Think about it. Who are your followers—customers, business associates, and others that have an interest in the success of your business, right? It makes sense that they would want to see the business represented by someone who could present it in a professional way.

Using poor grammar may do more than cost you Twitter followers—it could damage your online reputation and more.


Every business and businessperson has to define what works best for them at Twitter. The point is, we are all different, and what works best for one may have to be tweaked a little to work well for another. But some things are certain: Spamming is not okay, and poor grammar can cost your business Twitter followers.

When Tweeting, ensure that you are adding value to the stream, and always take the time to check your spelling and grammar. After all, you are representing your business!


Debbie Allen is an online marketer, content writer, and blogger. She has a background in Organizational Development and an interest in topics related to small business management. One of her most well-received articles provides tips about how to find a wholesale VoIP carrier for your business.

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