Working in Style: How to Design a Business Trip with Maximum Luxury

[This article was written by Rachelle Wilber.]

Whether you’re the business owner or an employee, business trips can be very stressful. Negotiations can drag on for weeks. You owe yourself and your company the best performance you can muster, and that may not be possible without the chance to unwind with as much style and luxury as you can.

Good Business

Finding a comfortable corporate environment for your meetings is important, because it’s good to get the maximum reward from your trip for you and your associates. More luxurious surroundings will impress clients and help them feel more relaxed. A superbly styled corporate surrounding make everyone involved feel more engaged and professional. And everyone will feel compelled to get things done so they can kick back and enjoy the amenities.

The Right Location

You should find a location that’s accessible to travel points like highways and airports, but also close to points of interest and urban resources. Business trips to a major urban center like New York would give you the chance to conduct business and still see all the unforgettable things the city has to offer, like the Empire State Building or Times Square. When things go well, there’s always time for the best vacation perks, whether it’s an historic site, world-famous museum, or renting a limo to indulge yourself in the unique nightlife. You might be surprised at what may be considered a business expense.

Food and Accommodations

When going on a business trip, many companies pay for every part of their employees’ accommodations and amenities except souvenirs. During events on your business trip, look for private event catering as well. These buffets are great for employees away from home. They make all feel welcome and cared for during their time away. This a great way businesses can help business trips feel more comfortable and secure.

The Best Amenities

In the stress of business deals, you’ll need some leisure time to refresh yourself, physically and mentally. Fine dining or a cool Manhattan at a nice local bar are always a welcome end to a busy day for everyone involved. You can get your choice of apartments for entertaining, a good workout, or just a quiet night relaxing with some snacks and a good movie. Coming back to big screen TVs, modern kitchens, and comfy furniture will have you feeling right at home. Free Wi-Fi is also an advantage that every traveling business person will appreciate.

A sense of luxury comes with corporate facilities that want you and your guests to get the most from your business trip. You can find both short and long-term housing in fully equipped apartments of various sizes that are ready to use. A dedicated team can provide extras like laundry, concierge service, maids, and a professional doorman. That makes for a luxury retreat, but all the while with corporate meeting rooms and business centers nearby.

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