Winter Business Maintenance: 4 Areas to Check before Spring Arrives

[This article was written by Rachelle Wilber.]

As the last leg of the winter season comes to a close, it is the perfect time to begin planning for the upcoming spring season. Your business will need to be properly prepared to seamlessly continue to service your customers and clients as the weather transitions from winter to spring. To ensure this seamless transition, you should check these four areas before spring arrives.


The spring season will see an increase in warm weather and thunderstorms. This combination can lead to the arrival of intense weather systems moving into your area. Before these intense weather systems arrive, you will want to make sure that the windows in your business building still possess a tight seal. If the sealant around your window panes is brittle or cracked, you should take steps to replace the damaged sealant.

Air Conditioning

While the first few weeks of spring still possess a bit of a winter chill, it won’t take long for the spring heat to roll in. Once it does, you and your customers are going to require cool air from an air conditioner to stay comfortable. Before spring arrives, you should prepare for this inevitable situation by thinking about air conditioning installation for your place of business. Take the time to call a heating and cooling professional to schedule a consultation and estimate for the installation of an air conditioning system.


It will be wise to hire a professional roofing inspector to perform routine maintenance on your roof. A roofing inspector will also be able to determine if your roof still possesses its full integrity or if weaknesses have developed. If there are any damages or potential hazards, the roofing professional will let you know. They’ll want to begin steps to repair the damages before the rainstorms of the spring season arrive, if any damages are found.

Alarms and Detectors

Safety should be your top priority when it comes time to perform maintenance on your business building. Keeping this in mind, you should definitely make time to inspect your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. These vital alert systems can malfunction without warning, so it’s important that you ensure all alarms and detectors are in proper working condition before spring arrives.

While you’re performing winter maintenance to prepare for the spring season, you should also consider investing in water-absorbent floor mats and umbrella bags. These items will help to ensure the safety of your employees and customers during the rainy spring season as they move in and out of your business.

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