Why You Should Consider Downsizing Your Office Space This Year

[This article was written by Emma Sturgis.]

Money last year was the tightest business concern of any year for any business anywhere. That said, your own office could probably use a little downsizing right about now. Here are some valid reasons for considering a downsizing of your office space this year.


Cutting financial corners is best done when you cut space. Most office space charges by square foot. If you cut back the space your business is using, you cut that expense by the amount charged for that unused space. When money is tight and you’re not sure where your next sale is coming from, this can really help you stabilize your business’s budget.

You Won’t Have to Fire Any Employees

Downsizing office space and downsizing the expense of office space means that you can keep more of your employees on the job. Keeping more people employed is really important right now. It will help the economy rebound better in the coming year. As for your employees having to work in a smaller space, it can be done. You just have to know how to make workspaces smaller and more efficient.

If You Have Employees Telecommuting/Working From Home, You Don’t Need the Space

A lot of companies and businesses this year moved to remote access work models. Telecommuters are now more common than ever, meaning that you don’t really need as much office space as you did before. Better still, because your employees are working from home it is easier to hire corporate movers to relocate your office to a smaller space. The hassle of trying to move when employees are in the office is always a nightmare, but that’s really not an issue at the moment when they are working from home.

Other Considerations for Downsizing Your Office Space

There are a few other considerations for downsizing your office space too. Some of these include paying less for electricity, heat, air conditioning, water, etc.. Another reason is that you have less inventory as assets should you have to file for bankruptcy this year. Finally, some of the biggest companies in the world are moving toward “virtual offices” because of the many benefits associated with virtual office “space.” While these reasons are less common than those listed above, they are still worth considering if you are really concerned about the future of your business.

Last year changed the way many businesses function. Because of this, having a large office space might not be necessary for you anymore. Consider the above reasons why you might want to downsize your office this year.

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