Why You Need Software Testing Before Your App Goes Live

[This article was written by Tarah Mills.]

Everyone wants to make apps these days. The challenge lies in making usable interfaces that are interesting and flow well. While the ideal app makes the user’s life a lot easier, this doesn’t happen for every product. Why? Because not all apps are thoroughly tested. Here is why you need software testing before your app goes live.

Test at All Phases

The thing about testing is that it needs to occur at every stage in an app’s development. Just like designers and developers, testers come with varying levels of quality and skill.

A smart app developer might keep more than a few competent in-house testers during development. But at varying points throughout the stages of development, it’s important to get a third-party look at the app’s usability.

Ask Questions

The main reason most people get both in-house and third-party testing is because asking questions is paramount for app development. It’s also easier to get larger test groups with third-party testing.

Groups naturally have their own inherent tendencies. So it’s necessary to look outside the group of in-house testers at all phases of development. This way, important questions that need to be raised will not be overlooked.

Don’t Skimp

Software testing services are often geared toward mature apps, but you should attempt to test your app during the early and growth stages as well. Don’t let a tight budget deter you. Testing your app early to debug it saves you time and money. Look for a firm that specializes in providing tailored services for your budget and growth stage.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

It’s easy to fall in love with certain aspects of your pet project. When it comes to code and business development, this can extrapolate until great elements of an app and its potential are overlooked. Competent testing allows the true beauty of your app to shine through those rose-colored glasses.

No One Likes Surprise Bugs

Code can get complex very quickly. Bugs come with the territory, and the importance of debugging at every stage of development cannot be overstated. The last thing a CEO or VC wants to deal with is a bug that could have been caught in the early stages that is now tying up an IPO or product launch. Continuous testing is much easier in the long run.

A great testing company will open your eyes to the true usability of your app, and maybe even some untapped potential. At a very minimum, you will have a chance to catch major and minor bugs before they become a costly problem. When you’ve found the right testing company to match your development process, testing will come as naturally as making the app itself.

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Tarah Mills has always had a passion for writing. Her philosophy is that not only can writing be educational, but it can change the world. While she is dedicated to her work, she still enjoys a good game of basketball, curling up to a good book, and all things Star Wars. She currently resides in the Richmond, Virginia area with her family.


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