Why Software Development Outsourcing is More Relevant during the COVID-19 Pandemic

[This article was written by Henrik Adams.]

Software outsourcing is a process, a robust strategy to handle the software development responsibility to an individual, team, or an external organization, to get maximized efficiency, expertise, boost core services, and optimize costs. There is hardly an organization today that could stay on the competitive edge without a software app in today’s age of digitization. From internal processes automation to boosting the customer experience, a software app is a major driver and reliance of businesses, whatever the industry may be.

The pandemic that the world is facing nowadays has affected the economies and industries all over the world. Covid-19 has indeed caused lockdowns, quarantines, businesses shutting down, and so many laid-off workers. Still, the software development industry is promising for service providers.

Covid-19 has stressed the relevance of digital transformation, stimulating the demand for Information Technology solutions. A lot of organizations have no in-house skills and knowledge for developing these tools. Thus, the need for a reliable software development outsourcing partner is escalating.

Covid-19’s business effect could be more intense in the demand for Information Technology products and services in the world, which include outsourced software development solutions than the initial estimates while the pandemic is still going on. These extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, the software development field is gearing up as well to ‘reinvent the wheel’ to negate the impact of the pandemic and sustain the continuity of businesses.

Software Development Outsourcing, More Relevant Amidst Covid-19

1. Faster delivery of Quality Solutions

The pandemic has not just pressured business organizations to think of innovative solutions, but it also has implemented them in a faster way. For most organizations however, that’s just not feasible. It’s not possible to think of an idea, recruit staff, train them and deliver the product in just a couple of months.

This is an area where software outsourcing becomes extremely useful, since business organizations need not have to waste time on hiring employees and they could proceed to development immediately. Also, there’s the problem of quality assurance and software maintenance.

Businesses with an online store already before the pandemic happened found out that they need to implement new features or scale the current ones in order to accommodate the sudden surge of visitors. This is remarkably easy when you outsource, with no worries on dealing this in-house.

2. Lesser Costs

Covid-19 has put a big financial strain on business organizations. Aside from the vital sectors, including healthcare, groceries, and personal hygiene that reported higher profits, most organizations today are financially struggling. People, not sure what will happen next, hold out on non-essential buys for some time now and instead prefer to save money.

Thus, businesses have to cut down expenses whenever they can. In the most unfortunate instances, they must lay off personnel and some are even closing down. Hiring an in-house developer or creating another department is an ample investment, and most organizations have no idea if they could afford it in the financially uncertain times we are facing now.

3. More time for Vital Processes

Customers have high expectations of organizations nowadays, meaning that businesses have to spend less time in support and maintenance and more time on problem-solving, innovation, and customer relationships. Again, this is an area in which outsourcing was useful since executives could free up schedules through forwarding support and maintenance to remote outsourcing partners.

They then could use the remaining time for strategizing, looking for ways to cope with the crisis, or think of new ways of getting closer to their customers.

4. Simplified Software Development Process

During a recession, planning out the right strategy of developing an app with less number of developers, is one of the daunting tasks for software developers. Although turning your project requirements to a partner developer, you could access development processes that are well-defined and app development experience.

Backed by a great team of software developers, the strategic team adheres to the agile development method to make certain of timely project delivery.

5. Minimizes Risks


The pandemic has redefined the management of risk beyond financial risks. Now, it includes worker health, operational, and safety innovation, and supply chain. The management of risk these days has been associated with long-term resilience and agility.

Companies must have knowledge in the management of risks and uncertainty across different functions and should learn to adapt. Risk occurs when an organization could not adapt and smoothly function at a new scale or in a new way.

Outsourcing could help in addressing risk mitigation, agility, and innovation that are critical for growth. Moreover, it could provide continuity of business as well as disaster recovery.

The Software Outsourcing Venture

Start-ups and small businesses venturing into software outsourcing for the first time could leverage the benefits of incubating without having to bear the cost of relocating the team. The current scene, in which steady cash flow maintenance is vital for your business to thrive, it makes perfect sense for start-ups and small businesses to take into consideration the viability of economic outsourcing for the long-term.

The massive scale adoption of cybersecurity solutions, collaborative apps, AI, and big data post the Covid-19 outbreak handed offshore IT service providers a chance to test waters through experimenting with new software solution development concepts.

The outbreak has quickly spiked the digital healthcare solutions demand, like telemedicine-enabled home care, after the lockdowns must be imposed in managing the virus spread since asymptomatic carriers could be the drivers of the transmission of the disease. Telemedicine software is deemed to retain its relevance and popularity in the post-Covid world.

In a nutshell, after experiencing a sharp yet short slowdown, in all likelihood, the economic world would rebound quickly to the pre-crisis activity level to drive demand for outsourcing software development services from countries, such as India.


Outsourcing provides new ways of innovating and taking on competitive issues. Outsourcing service providers have a grasp of emerging technologies that enable you to change processes as well as customer engagement.

Software development outsourcing could provide a pool of experts who could easily help in adapting and keeping up with the competition. Outsourcing your software development requirements could help businesses cope with whatever the impact of the pandemic could have on your business.


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