What to Look for When Finding the Perfect Office Space for Your New Business

[This article was written by Anita Ginsburg.]

As you prepare to open your new business, you will want to find the best available office space for your operation. While you might be looking for an impressive building with all the comfortable amenities a company could desire, there are other considerations for choosing the most suitable place as well. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before signing a lease for office space.


Instead of checking published ads or realtor listings for the best place to open your business, drive around the neighborhoods that interest you to find signs announcing office space for rent. You can also talk to your realtor about specific neighborhoods to search through. 

You will be able to get an idea of the neighborhood and the community as well as the aesthetics of the area. You can evaluate traffic patterns and access from nearby highways and main travel routes. A well-maintained business hub can help to attract clients to your company as well.


Look for a location with adequate covered or outdoor parking areas adjacent to the office. Clients who must park several blocks away or leave their vehicles parked on the street may be less inclined to do business with your company. The parking lot or garage should be clean and well-lit to provide safe and secure access to your place of business.


The office building you are considering should be in good condition inside and outside. Look for a clean and welcoming exterior appearance along with a tidy, well-maintained inside office suite. Check the sinks and water fountains to ensure the water is usable with no leaks or drips, and flush the toilets to see if they work properly. Find out if the HVAC system and electric panel along with the roof have been recently updated or have service agreements for maintenance and repairs.

Lease Terms

Carefully review the lease agreement, and have your company attorney review it as well. Read the fine print to determine exactly what your rights and responsibilities are. Look for information about the building’s insurance coverage, routine facility inspections, internet and WIFI connections, and outdoor lawn care or parking area maintenance. The lease should specify who is responsible for building problems that develop as well as general maintenance of the office areas.

Visit the office buildings on your short list of possibilities at least a couple of times. Hire an objective property inspector to provide a detailed inspection of the premises with possible current and near-future problems that may arise. Even if you cannot find the perfect office, look for one that is fairly close or that has issues you can afford to address.

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