What to Do When Your Company-Issued Hardware Needs Replacing

[This article was written by Meghan Belnap.]

As is the case with everything in life, all equipment has an expiration date. Business owners that have company-issued equipment that needs replacing have a few options when it comes to bringing in new models. Read on for four strategies for replacing this old equipment with newer models.

Do Research on Latest Hardware Models

Start the process of finding new company equipment by researching the latest hardware models. Look at various trends, reports, and pricing on a wide variety of models. Before outfitting the entire office with the new equipment, be sure that your choices are the right fit for the office and each team member’s needs. When researching hardware models, don’t always opt for the latest trends. Equipment that is popular and trendy now may not be as high-quality or well-tested as other options.

Put Old Hardware up for Company Auction

Another thing to consider when trading out old equipment is how to get rid of old equipment that is still usable. to do with all of the old hardware. As this hardware may otherwise be thrown away or donated, companies should consider putting their old hardware up for sale in a company auction. By allowing other staff members to purchase older models of company-issued hardware, businesses will guarantee that their former equipment gets a second lease on life.

Recycle Useless Hardware Responsibly

Hardware like laptops, printers, scanners, and other IT equipment must be disposed of properly. During this process, these products need to be purged of their confidential data and disposed of in designated equipment disposal sites. After the transfer of confidential information, employers should take former tech like computers to laptop recycling centers. These centers will be able to salvage the equipment and reuse working pieces.

Keep New Equipment Updated

When replacing company-issued equipment, be sure to have a plan in place to extend the longevity of any new tech. Items like computers, tablets, phones, and similar technology must be kept up-to-date. These software updates will ensure that all new equipment is functioning at its best and will help to keep them protected throughout its use in the office.

Old office equipment and company-issued hardware must be disposed or and replaced in order to make way for their newer, more efficient counterparts. Keep these four tips in mind when it comes time to replace old hardware and equipment.

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