What Every Business Needs to Add to Their Website

[This article was written by Meghan Belnap.]

It’s no longer enough for businesses today to have a website that only includes a basic landing page and a short description of the company. With many businesses developing more tech-savvy websites, businesses need to make sure their sites include the right tools and integrations to satisfy today’s customers. Businesses should be sure that the following four things are added to their sites.

Video Tutorials

Customers don’t just visit a business’ website to look through their latest products or services. In many cases, visitors hope to find videos explaining more about the company and what they offer. These videos serve as tutorials that allow customers to gain a better understanding of how they can use a brand’s services or products in their everyday life. As a result, these tutorials help to boost lead conversion overall.

Online and SMS Customer Support

Customer support is another must for today’s business websites. Businesses need to integrate their websites with more advanced tech to make sure that they can offer customers online support at all times. From using support bots that are available 24/7 to taking advantage of SMS customer support, websites should be optimized to offer customers as much assistance as possible.

With the likes of SMS customer support, businesses can take advantage of text messaging to support customers. As 98% of texts are opened (as opposed to emails or other forms of communication), businesses will be able to reach their customers more efficiently when using a text message system for business. These messaging systems prompt customers to text a company number, automatically replying with a customized text message to answer customers’ questions, remind them of their purchases, or follow up with customers.

An Easy-to-Use Site Map

Site maps are an important part of any business website. These pages exist as a table of contents of sorts to make it easier for others to find the information they’re looking for on the site. While the site map isn’t as exciting as every other part of a website, it’s a way for businesses to put all their links to other pages on their website, external links, and links to social media platforms.

High-Quality Pictures

Another important element for business’ websites is an appealing aesthetic that uses high-quality photos as this will make any business look more professional overall. This perceived professionalism will allow a business to establish a sense of trust amongst their customers. Additionally, using better images throughout the website will guarantee that customers spend more time engaging with the site, ultimately leading them to make more purchases.

It’s not enough for today’s businesses to just have a website. Take your web design and user experience to the next level by keeping this guide in mind when updating your business’ site.

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