What Are the Top Threats to Prepare Against in Cyber Security This Year?

[This article was written by Meghan Belnap.]

Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important part of the business world. Data leaks no only put company information at risk, but sizable leaks can also ruin a company’s reputation. The best way to stay safe is to stay informed about the risk, so it’s important to stay up-to-date about the biggest threats to prepare against this year.

Phishing Attacks

As with years past, one of the most significant cybersecurity threats is also one of the least high-tech. Phishing has been a problem for years, owing to both poor cybersecurity practices of businesses and a lack of awareness on the part of many individuals. Phishing, which induces individuals to reveal secure information through trickery, can only be combated through a combination of strict filters and better online security education. Failure to provide the first provides the opportunity, while failure to provide the second provides the unfortunate vector for threats.

Remote Worker Security

2020 has largely been the year of the remote worker, and with that comes a significant avenue for new online threats. Remote workers are rarely behind the same levels of protection as their in-person counterparts and even those who use the proper tools are more likely to be lax about their security procedures. One of the growing challenges in the business world will continue to be balancing the freedom or remote work with the necessity of protecting a company’s information.

Mobile-Targeted Malware

Related to the issues with remote worker security but not entirely tied only to them, the increased reliance of businesses on mobile devices leads to the possibility of more mobile malware attacks. Now it’s not only the computers of a business that need to be safeguarded, but also often the person mobile devices of the individual employees. Your IT department needs to be aware how the phones in your office, connecting to your network, may be setting your company up for hackers.

User Negligence

Finally, the most prevalent source of cybersecurity threats is the negligence of the individual user. It doesn’t take a phishing scam or a targeted threat to expose data – just a user that doesn’t encrypt data or one who refuses to change his or her passwords. The most common threat to a company’s information security will always be those employees who do not take online security seriously enough. One of the best ways to prevent user negligence and ignorance is to encourage your employees to participate an online cybersecurity program. This relieves pressure from your IT department from being the only line of defense for your company‚Äôs data.

The threats that will continue to plague individuals and businesses alike this year are simply outgrowths of changing technology. As users change their habits, so too will those who seek to take advantage of them. The only way to stay safe is to stay vigilant and up-to-date with the latest security protocols.

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