Ways to Cut Costs Without the Layoffs

Our economic crisis has had a negative effect on businesses everywhere. During this recession, times have been tough and most businesses have been struggling. Layoffs, pay cuts, and benefit reductions have become things that workers expect as a norm.

Because of these layoffs, employed workers must sometimes take on double or triple the work, along with the stress that comes with their fear of losing their jobs. President Obama has encouraged employers to continue hiring and things will get better, although the change is slow and fears of worse times to come are ever-present.

What are some ways a corporation can cut costs without layoffs?
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Instead of laying people off, a good way for small businesses to survive in this economy is to make small cutbacks that can add up into big savings, helping them to survive the economic downtrend. Here are a few suggestions to help your business save money and go green at the same time!

1.  Save Electricity.

Sometimes employees don’t think about what small businesses pay to keep their office, store, or warehouse running. It can cost a lot in rent, and some workplaces just pay a flat fee—but for those who pay an individual bill, saving on electricity can really add up. One thing that helps is to make sure employees turn off their computers at the end of the day. Another useful idea is to use motion sensor lights in the office, or even better, in the bathrooms. There is no need to leave these lights on all day, only when they are in use. A motion sensor may help save on that cost and also help the planet.

2.  Use Reusable Dishes.

Most offices have kitchens or dining areas, and they often provide their employees with paper cups or plastic silverware. One great way to save some green is to eliminate these extra expenses. Metal silverware and ceramic mugs are not prohibitively expensive and will save money in the long run, since they don’t need to be replaced as often. Or, you may consider encouraging employees to provide their own. Most won’t mind bringing in their own coffee mugs to help out with expenses. It’s a great way to cut back.

3.  Eliminate Extras.

A lot of companies often provide lunches, parties, or happy hour for their employees, which is always nice; however, in times of need, these extra expenses can be cut. I’m sure employees would rather have a job than a free lunch and will not create too much of a fuss over their loss.

There are many more ways to cut back in difficult times and if companies put their heads together and make smart choices, then perhaps the layoff rate will not be quite as high. There are many more ways to save.

How else does your company cut costs? Let us know!

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