Want to Make Your Office More Interesting? Wall Colors to Consider

[This article was written by Emma Sturgis.]

Whether you’re updating your home office or considering a change to your workspace, the color on the wall can make a space feel dingy, bright, relaxing, or edgy. Because our home office can include a wide variety of objects from other spaces in the house, using a wall color that will pull things together is helpful.

Stick With Warm Colors

When choosing your wall colors, aim for warm tones, greens, or even a hint of pink. The color name Dead Salmon might be a bit off-putting, but the tone is just right. It will look fine beside your white bookcases, your wooden desk, and your blue chair. It should also work well with any trim color you have working in your home.

Dress up an Accent Wall

If your desk faces the room, consider putting your accent wall behind you. Here you can hang a favorite print or photo that can accompany you to Zoom meetings. If your desk faces the wall, make that your accent wall and hang up what you want to see. It could be your vision board, helping you focus on your goals, or a poster of a favorite vacation goal to keep you reaching forward.

When putting together your accent wall and decor, strive to be both visually interesting and tidy. If the wall is a deep shade of burgundy, use black frames and white matting to draw the eye in subtle ways. If your office is small, paint the wall a lush blue. Decorate with light woods, and consider white frames with sage green matting for a soothing look. No matter what color you use on an accent wall, make sure to add mirrors to that area of the room to bounce light around.


With a vinyl wallpaper found in type 1 wall coverings, you can add both color and texture to your walls. These vinyl options offer both a bit of texture as well as color to a space, so make sure you open up the blinds and show off the surface of your wall finish.

With this wallcovering in place, you can enjoy a variety of colors in the space and keep the artwork simple. As possible, coordinate all of the furniture in the space to reduce the risk of a hodge-podge look. For example, if your desk is wood but your bookcases include white, black, or wood laminate, look for paint to match a particular shade found in the wallpaper, prep and prime the laminate, and enjoy a well-coordinated office.

Choose an office wall cover or covering that inspires you. Be aware that warm colors are more inviting to most humans, while cool colors can feel a bit chilly or sterile. Depending on your industry and tastes, either can work.


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