Top Five Ideas To Grow Your Small Fashion Clothing Business In Social Media

[This article was written by Maria Hernandez.]

Today social media is no more viewed as a platform where emotions or feelings are voiced out to serve personal agendas. It is now viewed as a platform wherein stakeholders and entrepreneurs can talk about their products or services and get leads generated. In the context of fashion, over the past few years, social media has  played a significant role in building of a giant and successful fashion brand. At the same time, the social media presence of well-known fashionistas may mar all the efforts that you may make to build your name in the fashion industry. Yet, there’s always a way out, rather many ways out.

This blog is meant to address just those ways, in other words bulletproof ideas, that can help you knock down your competitors; improve upon your existing fashion brand image; and let you establish a firm foothold in the fashion industry.

I divide the fashion clothing line business ideas into 5 sections. Those sections are the following.

Fashion Clothing Line Business Ideas

  • Some Background Work Is Essential To Breaking On Social Media
  • Establish Network With Social Media Influencers
  • Discount Coupons or Giveaways Are Always an ‘Ask’ & a ‘Yes’
  • Emailers May Be The Key
  • Content With Catchy Phrases or Punchlines Draw Attention

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Top Five Ideas To Boost Your Fashion Clothing Line In Social Media

Fashion Clothing Line Business Idea 1

Some Background Work Is Essential To Breaking On Social Media

So, what do we mean by background work? Look, a fashion industry is one that survives on visuals and it’s a truth that can never be denied. So, if you are a great designer yourself or selling the product of other designers, you need to put up images of apparel in such a way that customers feel drawn to them. At the same time, we believe that you already have a great website — after all, your customers will visit your website link displayed by you in the social media space. You may add rich content to the images and talk of customers’ reviews on your website or other marketplaces such as Amazon or Ebay which will further boost your fashion clothing line.

Fashion Clothing Line Business Idea 2

Establish Network With Social Media Influencers

The social media influencer could be anybody ranging from a Hollywood celebrity who actively walks on the ramp in New York fashion show to a journo whose voice gets heard in the social media channels. After all, who has ever denied the PoP (Power of the Press). But then, having a social media influencer from fashion industry would be a great advantage and that could range from fashion model to fashion columnist and vlogger on YouTube to fashion blogger for several websites. In this process, you might as well have to shell out a few pennies, but that’s an investment with high ROI (Return On Investment) in the long scheme of things.

Fashion Clothing Line Business Idea 3

Discount Coupons or Giveaways Are Always an ‘Ask’ & a ‘Yes’

Once you have established a rapport with the social media users (may that be a small segment), you can get these leads converted by issuing a discount coupon or small gifts (such as keychains, books etc.) along with the original fashion product as a part of social media campaign. The giveaways could have your company’s brand name or other brands (co-branding initiative). It is likely that if yours is not an established fashion brand, you may not get any response even after such giveaways or discount but don’t fret because these things are common. Keep reminding the same customers again and again.

Fashion Clothing Line Business Idea 4

Emailers May Be The Key

Sometimes small acts go a long way. You can prepare a small handbook or fashion style guide to be distributed to first few visitors on your website or facebook business page. Ask them to subscribe to your social media channel whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Linkedin) for getting regular updates or the style guide. Those who would like to stay relevant in the world of fashionista will subscribe you. All what we are saying is, you need to find a reason to get the email addresses of your potential customers and once you have their emails, your job is half done. Now, you can email them on a regular basis reminding them of the latest trends in fashion or when your fashion clothing brand is up for promotion.

Fashion Clothing Line Business Idea 5

Content With Catchy Phrases or Punchlines Draw Attention

Creating an audio or a video advertisement which will have your fashion product’s concept laid out well often in the form of a live story or fictional story and that to end with a slogan to send out the product’s  message clearly to the end user. If you are not a good writer yourself, you can have someone write on your behalf. Having a good graphic designer by your side too will be of great help, if you want to create a great video. Not to forget that running such advertisements on social media users’ favorite radio show creates a buzz in the fashion industry. Or, your engagement in the social media alone may turn out to be a futile exercise in itself.

 In Conclusion

Though the aforementioned ways are the top five ways to get breaking in all social media channels, you must always remember one thing and that is retargeting of customers, whether that is in the form of sponsored advertisements or advertisements at no cost. Don’t forget to be kind to your previous customers — saying a ‘thank you’ goes a long way in keeping with customers’ loyalty. If nothing of the above works out, you must hire a digital marketing agency.

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