Top 5 tools for the successful small business owners

[This article was written by Ashly William.]

As an entrepreneur, you have to continually be on your toes brainstorming ideas, planning them and executing them. It can feel intimidating and isolating at times, however, no matter what, you have to look for opportunities to stay ahead of your competitors constantly. Thanks to the internet which is a potpourri of free business tools that can aid in accelerating your businesses’ growth and simplify the management process.

These tools do wonders when it comes to marketing as well!

Today, we shall discuss the top 5 tools for successful small business owners.

  1. Fundera

If you are looking for ultimate funding options for your business, Fundera is your go-to platform. Small businesses involve a lot of experimentation, exploration, and learning and that is why funding can be essential to grow your business at a relatively faster pace. Start by understanding what is available for your business. Funding may vary from situation to situation, and that is why you must know when you need funding and how much you need. Once you answer some questions about your business, you may connect with some lenders and select the one that suits your business requires the most!

  1. Enloop

Creating a professional looking business plan could be intimidating. Enloop is your one-stop solution to create business plans with added features. The free version lets you create forecasts and a business plan score to help you take your small business to greater heights. Moreover, you can avail other plans which are affordable and come with added features. The Textsync and Autowrite features make Enloop stand out.

  1. G Suite

Take your small business to the next level with the G Suite by migrating your email and other business functions efficiently. What’s more? You can avail the G Suite Promotion Code as well. Some remarkable features of G Suite are:

  • Get a branded email address for everyone who works with you in your organization
  • Use the email grouping to create departments and send information to a specific department accordingly
  • Get 30GB cold storage space with each account with real-time syncing
  • Make use of the complete office suite from spreadsheets, forms, cylinder, word processing to email CRM
  • Use the famous Gmail web interface with its professional and minimalistic layout
  • Use Google Vault to transfer older messages into a secure vault automatically
  • Use your G Suit Subscription according to the size of your business. Hence it is highly customizable

G Suite is perfect for any small business for secure communication, huge storage spaces and much more!

  1. Canva

Create amazing and professionally designed infographics for your blogs or marketing purposes with Canva. The templates provided by Canva are perfect for flyers, banners, blogs and more! Canva is extremely user-friendly, and you don’t need an in-house expert to create striking and informative images. Canva is budget-friendly and ideal for businesses that have just started. You can also create awesome pictures on your smartphone with the Canva App.

  1. Docracy

Every business, be it small or big requires legal documents at all stages. Docracy is an open-source hub for firms who want to avail legal documents without putting a lot of money on the attorney’s fees. From service contracts to employment agreements, Docracy has it all. Docracy also presents digital signing of legal documents free of charge, substituting pricey subscription services.

Hope this article provided you some insights into the several tools available for small businesses to create better growth opportunities and aid in day to day activities. You can use these tools as per your business requirements and future plans.

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Ashly is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. She has expertise in writing about Business service and marketing.

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