Top 5 Mobile VoIP Phone Apps for Small Business

[Today’s guest post is from freelance writer Kim Wade.]

Is your cell phone bill coming between you and your business colleagues? Ditch the expensive calling plans and chat for free with VoIP calling apps on your smartphone.

Top 5 Mobile VoIP Phone Apps: Did somebody say "group chat"?
Did somebody say “group chat”?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which is a just a fancy way to say “using the Internet to make phone calls or video calls.” People have been doing it for years with their personal computers, and now they use their cell phones to do it as well.

Not all VoIP apps are the same, so users need to decide what features they want to use before they download an app. For example, some apps support free video chats, while others offer free texting and free overseas calls—helpful for small businesses.

Combine these apps with Wi-Fi and you’ve tapped into free minutes on your phone, even for overseas calls. More and more smartphone users take advantage of free calling and video chats every day.

The following list represents the top five current mobile VoIP phone apps for Android and iPhone for small business.


Skype continues to remain one of the most popular VoIP apps on the market. It is free to download, and the features are simple to use. Video calls are free, but voice calls require a paid subscription. Skype also allows users to instant message and send photos and video files to any of their contacts.


Smartphone users can download the Tango app for free. Tango offers free voice calls, video calls, and text messaging. Users can also send free video messages and pictures. This app also allows users to play games on video calls, and the new avatar and video filters make calls more fun.


Fring is another free app that is compatible on most devices. It offers users free calls, texting, and video chat. The group feature allows up to four friends to video chat at the same time. Fring also hosts low-cost calls to other mobiles and landlines of non-Fring users.


One of the highest rated VoIP apps on Google play, Viber connects over 90 million users around the globe. Users call, text, and send photos to anyone, anywhere for free. Viber introduces new features constantly, and the app is completely free—with no advertising.

GrooVe IP Lite

This Android app is free and connects to Google Voice, so users can make unlimited calls to any phone in the United States or Canada without using voice minutes. For a few dollars, you can upgrade to the full version of GrooVe IP to remove ads and enable more features.

It’s important to look around for new VoIP apps since the technology is constantly changing, and new features are added almost every day. Ask around and see how your friends and colleagues are connecting and find out which apps work best for calls, video chats, or texting. Then download the app that works best for your needs and let the free communication flow!


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