Top 5 fastest growing environmental industries

[This article was written by Dawn Castell.]

Today’s environmental industries provide an overabundance of jobs and careers for concerned environmentalists. There are growing concerns about the environment and actions that are being taken to protect its fragile resources. Here are 5 industries that are growing in importance.


In the 1990s and decades before then, recycling was an option and not recommended or required. Today, most businesses and suburban homes have their own recycling bins provided by the city. Millions of people have been encouraged to recycle on a regular basis, and they have also realized how easy and affordable it is. In cities were recycling is widespread, there are smaller landfills and less pollution. Recycled items are not incinerated, which increases the risk of air pollution.


The sustainability industry has become necessary in a world full of dwindling resources. Sustainable development is the field of using natural resources effectively to maintain long-lasting human development. Sustainable methods include any method that allows an individual, group of individuals or society to sustain its existence for as long as possible. This includes using renewable energy, like wind or solar power, that will not be depleted during any period of time. It also includes building “green” homes that are built to conserve energy, prevent pollution and reduce the use of non-renewable resources.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is known as clean energy for the future. It’s the use of clean, safe and permanent sources of energy from the sun, wind, ocean, rain etc. This energy is needed to power electrical vehicles, appliances, homes and buildings along with heaters, air conditioners and rooftop solar panels. There is a booming industry in the manufacture of alternative energy products. Two of the fastest growing job markets are in wind and solar power, with a 25% job growth in solar power and a 16% growth in wind power in 2017.

Waste Management

Waste management is the clean, safe disposal of waste that is needed in every developed or developing country. The recent growth of recycling has changed the way that trash is picked up, sorted out and disposed of permanently. Now, waste disposal workers have to be more environmentally conscious as to the types of waste they handle. Waste management companies provide a variety of environmental services, such as recycling and the proper disposal of industrial or hazardous waste.

Environmental Law and Regulation

Every country has environmental laws and government regulations set in place to prevent pollution and protect the environment. One of the first laws was the establishment of national parks to protect wilderness areas and wildlife. Another type of law is designed to prevent the pollution of water, soil or air by ensuring that chemical waste is properly disposed of, water treatment systems are put into use, etc.

Environmental law is becoming more important as human populations continue to grow and take natural resources from the environment. Many laws prevent humans from taking more than they put back into the Earth. There are enforceable regulations against wasteful forms of fishing, deforestation and mining. Not following the rules could result in heavy fines for individuals and businesses.

Most people predict that a few decades in the future, protecting the environment will be even more important than it is today. As the problem of overpopulation continues, the world’s natural resources will continue to shrink in size and availability. Everyone will realize the importance of reusing the products that they buy and cutting down on the use of energy that causes pollution. It’s the responsibility of concerned professionals to make sure that governments and businesses all work together to resolve environmental problems.




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