Tips for Improving Your HR and Recruitment Process

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The recruitment process is an essential part of running any business or company. Whether you are a small business owner, an HR professional, or the CEO of a large company, you will have to find great candidates, retain new hires, and fill positions at some point in your career. The latest recruitment trends reveal that hiring is expected to become more competitive in the next 12 months for 74% of recruiters in the US. This means that this is the year to start improving your human resource planning and recruitment process to stand out among competition.

Hiring the right people will create a significant impact on your career growth and the mere existence of your business or company. Here are a few recruitment strategies to ease your hiring process:

Develop a Competent Profile

Recruiters should focus on building a competent business profile and maintaining good company image to attract, recruit, and retain potential candidates. According to a LinkedIn survey, more than 75% of job seekers research about employer profile and company reputation before deciding to send their applications. This should compel recruiters to promote their brand so candidates can know exactly what to expect as an employee.

Your employer branding should reflect the purpose, culture, and values of your business or company. Be creative and specify the things that set you apart from others, showing the candidates why they should work for you. When you focus on developing a well-known employer brand, you will become a highly desired organization and the nitty-gritty of recruiting will just be a walk in the park.

Craft Effective Job Posts

Crafting job posts is a crucial task for recruiters since it is the first impression the candidate will have of your business or company. Keep in mind that there should be more to job advertisements than the usual boring list of requirements and qualifications. This is where you should project your employer branding to acquire potential candidates who will fit in with your company culture. A good job posting should be clear and effective in communicating to people why your business or company is a good career and life choice.

Be clear about the roles you are hiring for and choose straightforward job titles. When listing job descriptions, mention projects that candidates may undertake and teams they will work with; and outline the perks and benefits that your company offers. It is best to elaborate on the years of experience required and indicate the day-to-day activities of the position. Not only will this help you evaluate candidates on job-related criteria, but it will also attract and retain the ones who are the right fit for the position.

Since job posts mark the beginning of the recruitment process, employers should observe inclusive language and avoid discriminatory remarks when crafting one. If you focus on what your business or company can do for potential employees, you are well on your way to acquiring candidates who best fit your needs.

Optimize your Recruiting Strategy

Most of the struggles that recruiters and HR managers encounter can be attributed to how things are done in the recruitment process. From poorly crafted job posts to lack of communication about job applications, there are several employer mistakes that might deter candidates from considering your business or company. There is more to hiring new talent than just reviewing resumes and conducting interviews. Over the years, the recruitment paradigm has shifted into a candidate-driven market that challenges employers to optimize their recruiting strategy.

According to the 2019 Global Talent Trends Report presented by LinkedIn, these four hiring trends may go a long way in transforming the recruitment process: soft skills, work flexibility, anti-harassment practices, and pay transparency. It is highly likely that your hiring process needs some fine-tuning to keep up with these recruitment trends. You may start by simplifying your job application and narrowing it down to a reasonable length. Also, improving employer response time is vital to avoid application abandonment and establish smooth communication with potential recruits. Strategic employers should be willing to optimize and streamline their recruitment process to increase efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of their business or company in this candidate-driven market.

Source on Social Media

Since we live in the digital era, employers should learn the value of social recruiting and digital trends. Over the years, several businesses and companies deem social media a convenient and effective platform to find talent, advertise jobs, and communicate with potential candidates across the globe. This strategy paved the way for the discovery and success of several brands and recruitment agencies.

Discover fresh talent in the online environment by creating a presence on social media that will align with your values and employer brand. To increase your chances of making great hires, practice sourcing techniques by following conversations and people on popular social media platforms, and targeting those with interest and expertise relevant to positions you are hiring for.

Hire an Employment Lawyer

Beyond human resource and recruitment processes lies the possibility of employment disputes and workplace issues. Seeking the counsel of an employment lawyer is essential in handling such disputes in all aspects–from hiring to termination process. Their conscientious legal advice involves client representation, preparation for litigation processes, and disciplinary hearings. Meanwhile, non-conscientious tasks usually involve providing day-to-day support to HR departments of companies, such as drafting, reviewing, and advising on employment contracts, employee policies, compensation and benefits policies, etc.

A single labor law dispute can erode your hard-earned profits in the blink of an eye, especially if you are a start-up company or a growing business. This is why all kinds of employers, whether businesses, companies, or organizations should consider hiring an employment lawyer that can grant them long-term solutions to employment disputes. Doing so will not only prevent future controversies, but will also save your time, money, and effort.

Improving your HR and recruitment process can feel like a major overhaul that is time-consuming, expensive, and prone to failures. However, it is always a worthwhile effort to continue searching for new ways to develop your hiring process. If you keep improving on that version as well, your hiring success rate will certainly keep your company afloat and thriving.

As recruiters who struggle to find qualified and skilled candidates globally, you should have significant knowledge of human resource statistics that represent current trends impacting the industry. This will grant you the ability to make informed decisions and understand whether you are going in the right direction towards improving your recruitment process.

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