Things You Can Do to Prevent Mold in Your Commercial Kitchen

[This article was written by Anita Ginsburg.]

Because of the heat and humidity that fill them, commercial kitchens are susceptible to growing mold and mildew. These can grow anywhere, from back corners to the underside of equipment to the ceiling. Mold can put you and your employees in harm’s way and can cause you to have to shut down your kitchen while it’s taken care of. Fortunately, there are some things that you can do in order to prevent mold in your commercial kitchen before it becomes a problem.

Deep Clean Regularly

While you probably have a daily cleaning schedule, all commercial kitchens need to be deep cleaned on a regular basis. If you want to prevent mold from growing, you need to scrub everything from the ceiling to the baseboards. Don’t forget about your appliances as well. Mold can grow in areas where there’s excessive moisture like refrigerators or dishwashers or around sinks. 

Make it a point to deep clean everything at least once a month so that you can reduce the chances of mold growing in your commercial kitchen. To make this less of a disruption to your regular operations, break it down into parts. For example, deep clean your dishwashing area one week and your food prep area the next week. Deep cleaning is a big job, but it doesn’t have to take over your whole day.

Change Your Ceiling Tiles

Not all ceiling tiles are equipped to handle the unique environment of a commercial kitchen. If your ceiling isn’t able to withstand the humidity, change your kitchen ceiling tiles to more suitable ones so that mold doesn’t grow in them. Choose tiles that are moisture resistant and not susceptible to mold and mildew.

Fix Water Leaks Right Away

It’s not uncommon for water lines or pipes to break in a commercial kitchen at one point or another. If this happens in yours, you need to have the issue fixed right away. Don’t put it off until a later date. Damaged pipes and standing water create an environment where mold can thrive. Even small drips can allow mold to grow in your commercial kitchen.

Have Adequate Ventilation

A lot of steam and condensation tend to be produced in commercial kitchens. Because of this, you need to have adequate ventilation. This will keep moisture from building up and causing mold. You don’t need to necessarily have a window in your commercial kitchen in order to have adequate ventilation. You can have an exhaust fan installed over your stoves. They will provide the necessary ventilation in order to get rid of steam and lessen the amount of condensation that occurs.

A lot of commercial kitchens are susceptible to mold. It’s imperative that you do what you can to prevent it from growing, or you might have to shut down your commercial kitchen until you can clean it and ensure your restaurant is safe. You can prevent mold from growing in your commercial kitchen by utilizing the steps mentioned above. This will allow you to keep your kitchen a sanitary and safe place for everyone.

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