The Best Programs To Create Websites Easily

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Nowadays using a content manager (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla or PrestaShop is not necessary. For simple and simple projects that have to be online quickly and do not require advanced features, a traditional CMS can delay the launch of the website. For more details to know about website builders visit

What are these web creation platforms?

 Website creators are tools that allow the creation of web pages without programming knowledge. These are helped by a visual editor (WYSIWYG) to add content and adapt the design. Typically there are online tools such as Wix, Jimdo or Weebly, but there are also offline tools that can be used.

Types of web creation platforms

 There are two types of web creation platforms: online solutions and offline solutions.

Online web creators: these are online and can be accessed through any browser and device. Some of them even have apps so you can create or edit your website on your smartphone. You have to keep in mind that you will need an internet connection to use them. They offer integrated hosting so everything is easier to manage.

Advantages of online solutions

  • No need installation on your computer.
  • You can work from anywhere (with internet) and with any device.
  • The updates are automatic.
  • You can forget about using FTP clients (to upload files to the server), this is not necessary.
  • They include hosting for your website.
  • Do not buy any software.
  • Most online creators offer free plans with which to test their tools.

Offline web creators: These are applications that you have to download on your PC or Mac. Through an editor, more or less, visual you can create a website and you can upload it to your server via FTP. These tools are generally less current, their designs and functionalities are worse and are more difficult to use.

Advantages of offline web creators:

  • You can work on your website without an internet connection.
  • You can access the server where your website is hosted. This gives you more flexibility, but you can also mess up your website if you don’t know what you are doing.
  • You don’t depend so much on the provider of the website creator.

 When to use a website creator? And when not?

You can use these programs to create web pages to assemble the simplest projects, they are great for creating online presences to:

  1. Small business
  2. Photographic or artistic portfolios
  3. Personal web projects
  4. Normally these integrate blogs into their systems too. And also, some of these website creators offer eCommerce modules with which to create online stores in a matter of hours.

Of course, there are some times that it is not recommended to use them, for example to:

  1. Multilingual online store project
  2. Membership websites with subscription
  3. You need access to the database
  4. You will intensively use programming languages such as JavaScript and PHP
  5. Large websites with many pages

What are its main advantages?

You will be thinking: why should you use a website creator and move on to assemble a WordPress with a cool template? Well, that you will have to decide, but here I leave you the main advantages of the creators of sites according to my opinion:

Easy, very easy: you can forget about HTML, JavaScript, CSS and the like.

They save time: if you are clear about the content and structure of your site, you will not need more than two afternoons to finish.

They are not expensive: They are as cheap (or expensive, as you can see) as a medium quality hosting. From € 6.50 per month, you have everything you need.

Best programs to set up websites

Some website creators are very good, others not so much. That is why it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs and that has quality guarantees. Therefore, we review the best here:

Wix: Perfect for creatives

Wix is the most popular website creator in the market. To date, millions of users have created their websites with this. But besides being very successful, Wix is one of the most interesting website creators for creatives.

It is the one that offers more freedom in the designs. Its editor will give you all the flexibility you need, it is very visual and this makes it perfect for photographers, designers, and artists. But all this flexibility has a negative point: you may have to reorganize the mobile version of your website manually using its editor to make it look good on smartphones. Other site creators like Jimdo or Weebly do it automatically.

Webnode: The polyglot web creator

Webnode is one of the most veteran web creators, they launched their application in 2008. It is one of the most popular products on the market (after Wix and along with Jimdo and Weebly), it has millions of users and dozens of workers.

Jimdo: One of the easiest to use

Jimdo is a German start-up that has achieved much success with its website creator. Despite not being as flexible and not having as many designs as Wix, you can create a website with a professional look without much effort.

Weebly: easy to use but without support

It is one of the most popular creators, surely the biggest after Wix. Together with Jimdo, he is the easiest to use website creator we’ve tried. But in turn, this integrates many options and functions to expand the capabilities of your website (eg own video and audio player and user registration).

Your online store is a very advanced solution, promote your items using discount coupons and sell digital products such as MP3 or videos. If you plan to use the blog a lot, Weebly has the best we have seen in these types of tools.

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