The Benefits of a Standing Desk on an Employee’s Health

[This article was written by Tarah Mills.]

There are so many trends out there that claim to have a lot of health benefits for people. One thing that certainly is gaining momentum is the idea of standing while working at your desk. For a standard work environment, people sit at their desks all day. The idea of being able to stand and work is quite a new concept. When looking at it though, there are so many benefits that go along with this practice that it would be closed-minded not to even consider it as an option. This idea is also something that employers should be considering seriously for their own employees. There are numerous health benefits that employers should consider when deciding whether investing in the proper type of desks where people can stand is the right decision for them.

Weight Loss

Standing desks provide some important benefits. They are actually quite beneficial for weight loss. When you stand, your body will burn more calories than when you are just sitting. It engages more muscles, which in turn improves metabolism. As a result, it is very beneficial for increased calorie burn. Studies actually show that during a week-long work period, an extra 1,000 calories can be burned by standing while working at a desk. For a company, this is a great way to get employees to increase their physical health by doing something that requires very little extra effort on their part. Having the proper equipment so employees are able to do this can be an easy part of the workplace wellness programs many businesses try to implement.

Health and Posture

So many people have back issues these days. Being able to stand while working, can really help in alleviating the discomfort and pain that can come from sitting during the workday. For those that sit in a chair all day, slouching can be a big problem. This can lead to not only back pain, but also potential slipped disks in the back. If you are able to stand and work, it can create a much stronger back, and as a result, you will probably not suffer from near as many back pains or issues. The good thing to remember about this type of desk is the user can change back and forth from standing to sitting. That way, if people are standing, but start getting sore feet or other areas of discomfort, it is quite easy to adjust back and forth. It truly is a way to work and have various options that can make you feel more comfortable. Another health issue that is helped with these types of desks is it makes your hands remain in a position that helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. So many times officer workers that sit while working at a desk puts their hands at an undesirable position. Many times, those positions can cause the pain that comes with carpal tunnel. Standing seems to put them in a better position that alleviates this.

Better Mental Stimulation

Since you are able to change from sitting to standing throughout the day, and continue working, your brain gets more stimulation. It provides a change that engages your brain is getting used to different positions. It is also able to get your employees to stay better focused on their work since working at a keyboard and not being able to move around, can be quite tiring. A study was done on high school students that showed the practice of standing while working at a desk, can actually lead to higher test scores because the students appeared to be more engaged. Another study showed that it can reduce both stress and fatigue and therefore results in less overall burnout. When people feel comfortable at work and have more ability to focus, then, of course, this results in greater productivity.

Equipping your office space with a standing desk for your employees will allow them to stand quite easily. It is easy to get units that are all set up, or else you can get equipment that allows you to update your existing space with just a few additions. If employers consider this idea, making this type of investment in their employees no doubt can create long-term advantages for both the bottom line of the company as well as the employees themselves.

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