Technology to Include in Your Business to Improve Your Sales Tracking

[This article was written by Emma Sturgis.]

Currently, technology plays a significant role in the success of any business. For a sales team to remain competitive and yield better results, technical tools are necessary up to date. They ensure that a sales team is motivated to perform and fight any competition. A sales record gives the management a guideline on where to improve to increase sales. Some of the necessary tools are listed below.

Email Tracking Software

Mere click-through or open attachment will not give you an edge over your competitors. Therefore invest in software like Yesware or SalesHandy; they focus on prescriptive analysis and customize emails, respectively. These tools help a company to improve its email marketing to increase sales by tracking important metrics. This tool will assist a sales team in making more sales by reaching vast clientele.

Web Conferencing Tools

Web conferencing tools such as Zoom allow a sales team to have a one on one talk with a client or a potential prospect. By creating a Zoom room, you can quickly build a permanent connection with your clients in case of an issue or an inquiry to be addressed. Video conferencing allows you to build customer trust and retain them, which translates to increased sales. It’s easy to identify areas to work on in the future for a profitable business by managing customer issues.

Social Media Platforms

Social media is a profitable tool in any business’s marketing since it allows them to get in touch with its potential clients and existing ones quickly. There are different platforms that can be used, and the feedback is used to analyze sales patterns to identify areas of improvement. People are spending most of their time on social media; hence using it gives a business an advantage to directly get in touch with the potential market.

NetSuite WMS

NetSuite WMS offers a wide range of inventory in warehousing. It ensures smooth daily operations in a warehouse by allocating items through barcoding and mobile barcode scanning. NetSuite WMS allows a warehouse to be well managed by providing every detail well handled by the necessary party.

Developing Document Analytics

Using document analytics tools allows a sales team to come up with quotes that will neither scare prospects nor be too low on the business. Document analytics helps calculate profit margins and discounts to develop a suitable selection for both parties. Therefore quote generation should not be ignored, and using tools like PandaDoc simplifies the process.

The proper approach and use of technology help a sales team develop the right marketing strategies with a track record to increase sales.


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