Tax Trouble? The IRS Can Help!

Unfortunately, your workload doesn’t wait for you to do your taxes. And what happens if you hit some snags and have nowhere to turn? Luckily, the IRS is providing an open house this Saturday to help you work through any tax trouble you may be having. Can’t get out of previous engagements on such short notice? No problem—there’s another one on March 26 that you can take advantage of.

These open houses are going on in over 100 locations all over the country, so there’s bound to be a location convenient to you; here’s a list of all the open house locations. Don’t be discouraged! According to the IRS, last year’s open house events helped over 35,000 people untangle over 95 percent of their tax filing problems.

If you still haven’t done your taxes, consider taking advantage of this valuable IRS offering. Plus, it’s free! Think about it—we give to the IRS our entire lives. Turn the tables by taking them up on their offer to help you out with your tax trouble.

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