Six Useful Apps to help build your Business

[This article was written by Amarah Thornton.]

Branding is the reason most successful businesses stand out on the market. It distinguishes your Business from others and gives your consumers an unforgettable impression. However, building your business can be made easier with a few useful apps. So, I will discuss these apps and how they help build your brand.

  1. Pocket

This app allows you to save useful information for later use, and you can even view this information offline. You can save things like videos, images, articles, etc., and view them later on your computer, phone, or tablet. The pocket app can save content from numerous apps (up to 1,500) and include a Buffer browser plugin. It works smoothly with apps like Twitter, Zite, etc.

Regardless of your device operating system, you can use Pocket and enjoy new features like interests and highlights. These features allow you to access old articles saved on your Pocket app.

  1. Accompany

Accompany is an excellent tool for research and can help you do well in business meetings. This app can send you emails of briefings before your meeting. It also includes a summary of everyone attending the meeting and some other useful information. Accompany helps you by going through your social media accounts, calendar, emails, and the internet.

Think of free personal assistance; that is what Accompany does for you. And this is perfect for new businesses with few employees.

  1. Trello

Trello is another great app that every entrepreneur should know. This app helps you manage projects by displaying tasks that are yet to be completed.  And include your team members in the process. This management tool is good for organizing your projects into lists, cards, and boards.

It allows you to keep track of ongoing projects and the people working on them. Trello allows you to set deadlines for tasks assigned to your employees. You can categorize these tasks according to their priorities, timelines, and activities. 

  1. FreshBooks

Many small business owners will find this cloud-based platform very useful in managing their finances. It allows you to manage your books quickly and easily, and you can do it on the go. FreshBooks can sync with your desktop and mobile devices, allowing you access no matter where you are. You can also check payment status, respond to feedback from your clients, and send invoices. 

This app provides an easy way for entrepreneurs to track their cash flow. It is a convenient way to run your Business while traveling for business purposes.

  1. Buffer

The Buffer app is an excellent tool that makes marketing easier for businesses. It allows you to share your content across many different social media platforms. Buffer also has a feature that enables content scheduling to ensure that they get posted at the optimal time. This way, a large number of your followers will get to see your posts.

While creating good content for your social media platforms, do not forget to make your profile attractive. You can create a stand-out logo for free with one of the popular logo maker applications. Don’t stop there however. Make sure to complete your branding with beautiful business cards

  1. Salesforce1

Salesforce provides a platform for you to get informed about your customers conveniently from your mobile device. It includes plenty of features for sales, business analytics, marketing, customer service, all in a single platform. You get to know your customers better and manage your Business more effectively on the go.


It is now clear that branding apps are essential for building a business. And there are many useful apps out there for you to use. These apps can help you manage your daily business needs effectively. In all, branding tools can make your Business grow faster and easier, so always use them when necessary. 

Author Bio:

Amarah has experience in the app, marketing and blogging fields. She holds a degree in English with a minor in Marketing. She has spent the last few years working in the tech field and now has switched to freelance writing. Pilates, hiking and puppy rescue are her other interests.

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