Secure Shipment: 4 Ways Your Business Can Ensure Delivery for Customers

[This article was written by Rachelle Wilber.]

Companies that ship products directly to their customers need to concern themselves with whether the customer actually receives what they ordered. There are steps you can take on your end to make that happen. The following are four important ways your business can ensure delivery for customers.

Insure Shipments

Insurance is one of the strongest protections your company has against financial loss. Any number of things could happen that cause a shipment to be delayed or, in a worst case scenario, lost. Carrying proper insurance on your cargo, your vehicle and your mailed packages will ensure items are either delivered or appropriate restitution is paid. Customers appreciate that their shipments are insured because it demonstrates your strong commitment to ensuring they receive what they ordered.

Use Tracking

When shipping products to customers through the mail or private shipping services such as UPS or FedEx, always include tracking information. This helps ensure you can locate a package if it is lost and hopefully get it into the hands of your waiting customer. Customers also feel more secure ordering packages they know will be tracked.

Package Items Well

All items shipped should be packed well to prevent damage. This involves investing in high-quality packing materials, but the added expense will pay for itself because you will have fewer shipping issues and more happy customers. This is not just relevant to packages sent out to individual customers but also to larger shipments sent to stores, distribution centers, or similar locations. For example, retractable tarps that cover loads on the back of semi-trucks during shipment can shield product and ensure it arrives to the customer undamaged.

Take Security Measures

Taking the right security measures can go a long way towards ensuring delivery. For example, invest in strong locks that can prevent thieves breaking into trucks or train cars. Cameras on trucks can provide added security and GPS can track where a shipment is at all times. Also, be sure to run thorough background checks on drivers. If your business hires out a trucking company, get to know what security systems they have in place so you can determine whether that will be satisfactory for you.

Companies simply must do everything in their power to ensure delivery to clients in a timely fashion. Often, all it takes is a little thought and preparation. Hopefully these tips have given you some ideas on how to improve your shipping process and ensure customers receive their orders.

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