Run a Restaurant Franchise? How to Make It More Efficient

[This article was written by Rachelle Wilber.]

So you’ve decided to take up a restaurant franchise? This is one of the best financial and career decisions that you will make in your life. You are sure to see long-term success and prosperity because the food service industry is one that never fails. People will always need to eat. Now that you have decided to run a restaurant franchise, you need to make sure that it runs as efficiently as possible. You can use various different methods to ensure that your restaurant runs in tip top shape. Here are three ways to make sure that your restaurant is run efficiently.

Proper Hierarchy of Employees

You don’t just want everyone running around trying to complete the tasks at hand haphazardly. You need to put in place a hierarchy of leadership in the restaurant. In the back of the house, you need to have a chef, sous chef, prep cook and assistant. In the front of the house you need to have a supervisor, host, servers and busboys. Each of your employees should know who they report to for instruction. In the back of house, the chef should run the show and in the front of house the supervisor should run the show.

Purchase Proper Equipment

You need to purchase proper equipment for the back of house. The right equipment can save you hours of work, so take a trip to the local restaurant supply depot and shop around for equipment that is really going to make your business more efficient. You may purchase hamburger moulder equipment or kitchen tools to help cube vegetables.

Always Be in Contact

As the person running the restaurant franchise, you should always be in contact with your restaurant in one way or another. You may choose to actually be present for most shifts for the restaurant. This is the most effective way to stay in touch with your employees. If for some reason you should choose to manage the restaurant franchise only a few days a week, you will need to make sure that your phone is always on so that your supervisors and chef can reach you whenever they need to.

Running a restaurant franchise is truly an exciting and prosperous endeavor. In order to make it efficient, you need to make sure that you have proper leadership hierarchy in place, your equipment is effective and you are always in touch with the supervisors at the restaurant. You may find that this endeavor is so fulfilling that you end up working a full 8-hour shift every day, just like your employees.

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