Protect Your Company: 4 Businesses That Need Security

[This article was written by Anita Ginsburg.]

Not all businesses are created equal. Depending on what products or services you offer, you may find that you need to have the regular protection of security guards. Here are four common businesses that tend to employ the use of security personnel regularly.


Banks are probably one of businesses that came to mind first when you think of security. While banks have many security features and procedures that aren’t seen by the public, they should also always have security officers posted. Having security officers can help deter criminal activity. Perhaps just as importantly, it can also give your staff and clients a sense of comfort. With so many news stories and TV shows describing bank robberies, some clients may be nervous in banks or suspicious of their fellow patrons. Seeing the physical presence of security there can help put them at ease.


Security guard services are always in need when it comes to retailers. Shoplifting is a big problem for many of the major stores. They lose millions of dollars per year due to theft. Security officers can help to combat this loss of revenue in multiple ways. From monitoring video surveillance in order to identify thieves to providing a deterrent at the front door to make them rethink stealing at all, a security officer can be a great benefit for any retailer out there. If you have a large store, you may also want officers dressed in plain clothes walking through the store so that they can watch for anyone who is acting suspiciously.


Having security officers at schools is a great way to protect students, parents, teachers, and visitors. There’s no denying that there has been an increase in school violence in the past decade. This increase has created some unease in parents and teachers alike. By having posted security officers, it can help to deter problems from happening.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities, such as hospitals, benefit greatly from having security officers. These guards help to monitor the visitors, patients, and staff who enter and exit the establishment each day. They’re available for when there are instances of high emotions where people need to be assisted with leaving. Plus, their presence helps to put patients and their visitors at ease knowing there’s that extra level of safety.

Protecting your business can be done in many different ways. One of the most effective is to hire a security guard to look after your most prized assets. If your business falls into one of the categories listed out above, it’s a good idea to really consider hiring security guards to protect your business and staff members.

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