Procedures and Guidelines for Keeping Your Employees Safe During the Pandemic

[This article was written by Anita Ginsburg.]

As businesses begin to open their doors, many owners and managers are suddenly contending with the fact that COVID-19 hasn’t gone away. Though getting back to business is often a necessity, there are definite changes that must be made in how businesses work. Below are procedures and guidelines that you ought to follow in order to keep your employees safe during the pandemic.

Insist on COVID-19 Employee Temperature Screening

Though temperature screening is not one hundred percent effective, it is a great first-line defense against COVID-19. All of your employees should have their go through COVID-19 employee temperature screening upon walking into work, and they should also be asked whether or not they exhibit any COVID-19 symptoms. This is also an excellent time to ensure that all of your employees are wearing masks as they enter the office.

Practice Social Distancing

Keeping employees at least six feet apart is a great way to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading at the office. Take a moment to look at the layout of your place of business and figure out how to keep your employees spread around to whatever degree is possible. This may mean a great deal of reorganization, but it is worth the effort. You may also want to start looking at staggering lunches and breaks to ensure that break rooms don’t get overcrowded making it impossible for employees to maintian proper distancing.

Encourage Working From Home When Sick

One of the most important things you’ll do as an employer is to encourage employees to stay home if they are sick. While there is certainly no question that you should not allow employees who test positive to come into work, you should also make sure that you give employees who are otherwise ill a chance to work from home. This will encourage your employees to be more cautious and give you a chance of preventing an accidental outbreak.

Leverage Technology

Finally, make sure that you’re properly leveraging technology in your office so that you can minimize large gatherings. While you might have everyone in the office, this doesn’t mean that everyone needs to be in meetings together. Send more emails, teleconference if you have to, and record those presentations that don’t require the live attendance of everyone in the office. These tools can help to stop the spread of COVID in its tracks.

Always follow best practices to keep your employees safe. Keep up with CDC guidelines and ensure that you’re doing your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This might require a fair bit of effort, but the results could save lives.

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