Planning Your Next Location’s Design? Consider These Ideas from Big Companies

[This article was written by Hannah Whittenly.]

Getting the right talent for your business can be one of the best ways to get an edge in your industry, but a competitive pay rate and benefits packages aren’t the only advantages you can offer your potential hires. Building an inviting and modern office space can make it a more appealing place to work, offering advantages without having to bleed all of your money into salaries. Unconventional approaches to interior design can even influence your corporate culture and make your workforce more creative and productive. Here are four companies leading the charge with interesting design.

Genentech: Serving Employee Needs with on-Site Amenities

Biotech research firm Genentech may not be one of the biggest names around, but they’re leading the charge where interior office renovations are concerned. Their office essentially doubles as a mall, with child care, spa services, a salon, and a gym all on-site. While most businesses likely can’t offer amenities on this scale, the general idea serves a couple of important purposes. It creates a better work-life balance, allowing your employees to put aside the need to rush around town completing their chores and focus on the job at hand. It also means employees will spend more time around the office, building closer relationships with their coworkers and expanding their investment in the company’s culture.

Google: Open Designs Lead to Open Conversations

Google operates with the mission statement that fun and work aren’t mutually exclusive, and that greater communications can foster more innovative ideas. Their open plan structure utilizes as few walls as possible to help facilitate open conversations, but the approach to a liberated environment extends beyond that. Meeting pods with their own distinct themes replace the traditional stuffy conference rooms, and a playground slide offers quick access between the different floors. In short, they assume that the passion and intelligence of their staff will overcome, and even become strengthened by, the freedom their headquarters affords.

SAP: Flexible Approaches to Work and Meeting Spaces

SAP’s design sensibilities are catered towards supporting flexible work environments and communications. They understand that everyone’s ideal work environment is different, and they’ve ejected the typically rigid seating and meeting structure of offices for something more dynamic. Hot desks allow employees to pick the work space that’s right for them in the moment, while a combination of collaboration areas and traditional meeting and conference rooms allows staff to adapt their collaborations to suit the demands of their team and project. It’s a flexible model that allows each member to pick the format that’s right for their needs.

United Shore: An Escape Room to Bolster Critical Thinking

What’s especially cool about United Shore is how their office space reflects the unique demands and sensibilities of their staff. The managers and designers understand that creative thinking is integral to the mortgage industry, and that’s why they’ve installed an escape room in their headquarters. This encourages both team-building and critical thinking skills while also allowing employees to let off a little extra steam. It’s a unique approach that centers the specific disciplines and demands of their industry.

Whatever your industry, your design choices should center themselves around your business model. Regardless, you’re going to want to find builders that are up to the demands of your business. Commercial roof services are just one of the things you’ll need to build the perfect office.

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