Physical Advertising: When to Turn Away from Digital Marketing

[This article was written by Tarah Mills.]

Remaining ahead of your competition is an excellent way of succeeding in business. However, that is not all it takes to be successful. It is much more than just having the highest-quality product and the appropriate market. One crucial thing that is sure to steer any given business in the right direction is having the proper marketing techniques and using them to convert your target clients into leads or even customers.

Physical Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing

Physical marketing, also known as traditional marketing, and it is any marketing that is done offline. This includes any promotional method including TV, Radio, print media, magazines, newspapers, broadcasts, billboards, direct mail, SMS Marketing, and phone calls. Although it is the oldest form of marketing, marketers seem to have a soft spot for it despite the world becoming a global hub. Many claim that this is a method that has been tried and tested, and if anyone does it right, they are sure to enjoy wonderful results. After all, everyone does encounter some form of physical marketing in day to day life. It could be a newspaper here or a pamphlet there. The traditional market plays quite an integral part in reaching out to local audiences as they tend to leave a more solid mark.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, is any form of marketing that happens online, using the internet or any electronic device. This includes emails, social media platforms, or websites. In today’s changing world, everything, including marketing, seems to have gone digital. This new trend has taken everything by storm, making everyone feel the need to have some form of an online presence.

Why is it important to choose the right marketing strategy?

Marketing is a process that entails you connecting with your audience or target market in the right place and just at the right time. Today, this has evolved to mean meeting your potential clients exactly where they are. While we all agree that marketing is crucial to the success of any business, what is more, important is the marketing strategy used.

If you have some level of clarity as to what method of marketing you will include in your strategy, then you can have a clear picture of what specific method you will use and how exactly to go about it. For example, if you decide to use physical marketing, it will be easier to decide on what medium to use; is it a billboard or Radio? Such are the answers that you will get to answer, thereby guiding your strategy better.

For traditional marketing, there is often the need to use print material to drive sales and create brand awareness to literally everyone. As a business using physical marketing, it is crucial that you trust graphic design companies like Printleaf, famous for their banner stands in NYC, that go out of their way to portray your brand in the best possible way. By being able to trust that your graphic design team will provide you a wonderful public image, you can rest easy knowing that potential clients will see you at your best.

Why choose Physical Marketing over Digital Marketing?

If you are a marketer, the chances are that you have heard the debate on whether you should remain conventional or go digital when it comes to matters marketing. This is as a result of the high rate in which the digital world has been embraced today, with digital marketing scaling new heights each new day.

While it is true that digital marketing has gained in popularity over the years, physical marketing remains quite an effective and fundamental way of marketing. In addition to that, many individuals prefer offline transactions. For this group, physical marketing is the language to use if you want to stand a chance with them.

Research shows that physical marketing tends to have a more profound impact on the target’s mind than digital media. Its ability to ‘stick with the viewer’ makes it a better option. Physical marketing comes with better and more long-term brand recognition. An advertisement you saw on a magazine will be more vivid in your memory than an ad that popped up as you were shopping online. Printed ads are also deemed as more trustworthy by most clients. You want a banner stand in order to make your business pop out to new potential clients.

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