New Ways Your Company Can Take Advantage of Holidays

[This article was written by Brooke Chaplan.]

The holidays are one time of the year when your company needs to be working hard to beat the competition. This is also a time when you have new opportunities to get your products and services in front of potential new customers. When your past marketing plans have turned stale, try some of these new ways to use the holidays to your company’s advantage.

Send Out Seasonal Social Media Updates

Online shopping is huge, and you can bet that many people from your target market are checking their social media pages frequently. The trick with using social media marketing is to make sure that your messages are kept friendly and are never pushy. Consider posting a pretty summer scene with some season-appropriate greetings in between the updates on promotions.

Give Out Holiday-Themed Surprises

People who are stressed out trying to think of what to buy everyone on their list appreciate receiving a surprise from their favorite company. Use Christmas SVG files to create cool new holiday-themed products that you can give out during promotions or as thank you gifts for your loyal customers. Tote bags, mugs and shirts are all fun surprises that people will appreciate receiving during the hectic pace of their holiday shopping.

Market Your Services as Experience Gifts

Many companies offer services that people might not think of giving as a gift. For instance, your company might be in the landscaping field, and marketing your lawn care services as a gift that people can give their elderly loved ones for an Easter or spring birthday gift is a way to tap into a new potential target audience. Showing how much other people can appreciate using your company’s services helps customers to see what your business has to offer in a new light.

Plan Random Acts of Kindness

Companies can also shine by doing something nice for others. Plan a group volunteer job with your employees. They can help pack backpacks full of hygiene supplies to hand out to people who need them. Your team could also volunteer to help clean up areas of your community that are filled with litter. Doing random acts of kindness promotes your company in a positive light, and you can bet that potential customers will notice.

The time to start planning your holiday marketing strategies is before the major season hits full gear. Be sure to mix things up this year by adding a few new ways to connect with your customers. You’ll raise company morale and enjoy watching your company hit its goals.

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