Need Cheap Places to Store Extra Stock? Here’s Where to Go

[This article was written by Lizzie Weakley.]

When production is going well, and your stock is building up as you wait for the next big sale event, you will need a clean, secure place to store the extras. If you don’t have a handy storage closet or space, here are other options that might work.

Install Shelving

A large, accessible wall in an office or any large area might be the perfect place to install new shelves for your overstock. Look for secure shelving that is easy to hang and sturdy enough to hold your extra supplies of product. You can find attractive shelves and colorful plastic bins for storage that may enliven the space to make it more aesthetic appealing. Be sure the bins fit the shelves and won’t pose a falling hazard or cause the shelves to collapse.

Available Garage Space

If you work from home or a small office with an adjoining garage, you may be able to store your extra inventory in a garage loft, cupboard, or closet. You could also stack product bins in a corner or along the wall to keep them out of the way if needed. Sweep the area and remove debris as well as checking for pest infiltrations that could put your stored products at risk.

Unused Office Areas

A conference room that is seldom used or a snack area with extra space could be the perfect waiting place for your increased product volume. An unoccupied office for a position that is not yet filled could also provide temporary storage for product overflow. If your business is located in a factory or warehouse, you may be able to locate a quiet corner of the large area that can be enclosed with mobile gates to protect your stored inventory until it is needed.

Commercial Storage

A small business or filled-to-capacity operation may lack extra space for storing additional products. Self storage units at a commercial storage facility, such as U-Stor-It Mini Storage, could be the answer. With climate control features and around-the-clock security, you can keep your overflow of products secure, clean, and available. Residential storage may also be adequate, depending on the amount of storage space is needed.

Rent a Space

You may be able to rent a shed, a garage, or a storage room from a nearby company with extra space. Find out how secure the storage will be, and who besides you and the manager might have access to the area.

Don’t crowd your office with surplus inventory. Check out these options to find affordable, secure storage space for your products.

Author Bio:

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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