Most Effective Marketing Tips For Building Your Own Brand on Instagram

[This article was written by Thomas Lanigan.]

Are you looking for a way to build your own brand quickly and efficiently? If yes, Instagram is the first platform you should go for because it currently hosts more than a billion users globally.

Apart from being a popular social network, Instagram gives you lots of other privileges that we are going to discuss in the following chapters. In this post, you will learn about:

  • The stats and benefits of Instagram marketing
  • 13 marketing tips to promote your brand on Instagram

We have many interesting things to discuss here, so let’s dive straight into the subject!

The Importance of Instagram Marketing for Your Brand

Although a lot of brands use Instagram for promotion, too many marketers still don’t understand the actual benefits of running a well-optimized account on this platform. While you cannot use the platform to buy term paper, you can do many other things with it. In such circumstances, our first goal is to remind you of the pros of administering an Instagram account:

  • Awareness: This one is a no-brainer since the network’s billion users help brands to reach a large portion of the global population.
  • Relationship building: If you want to grow conversion rates, you need to build relationships with the audience. Instagram is the right platform to do it because people see it as a friendly and entertaining communication channel.
  • Targeting opportunities: With Instagram, you can target users according to numerous parameters such as geolocation, relationship status, interests, and so on.
  • Visual content: Instagram is the image and video-sharing network, which ideally suits the interests of modern consumers who adore visual content.
  • Engagement: Instagram users are highly engaged, particularly when you do your part of work and encourage followers to help you create brand-related content.
  • Fresh features: This platform is known to be proactive and agile, so you can always expect fresh and exciting features to emerge every year.

With all the benefits we’ve just mentioned, it is clear that Instagram marketing promises amazing results for your brand. Here are only a handful of stats to showcase the network’s real value:

  • Instagram’s median engagement rate is 1.6%, which is 17 times higher than Facebook posts and 33 times higher than a tweet.
  • The brain processes visual data 60 thousand times faster than text, while 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text.
  • Over 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile daily.
  • The platform helps more than 80% of users to make purchasing decisions.
  • 73% of U.S. teens say Instagram is the best way for brands to reach them about new products or promotions.

13 Ways to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

We’ve covered the basic facts about Instagram marketing, but now it’s time to focus on the main aspect of the topic and analyze 13 ways to grow your brand on this platform. Here are our tips:

  1. Get to know your audience

Before you even begin making the plan and creating content for Instagram, you ought to figure out the needs of the target audience and align your professional goals with their expectations. After all, the only surefire way to impress fans is to craft posts that match their everyday interests.

What should you pay attention to? Most marketers focus on features such as the demographics (average age, gender, location, etc.), online habits, common interests, hobbies, income level, personal style, and similar.

  1. Optimize your account

The second tip is to optimize your Instagram account in order to make it appealing and professional. How can you do it? There are three things that deserve your attention here:

  • A profile image must be highly professional. It means uploading a high-quality logo or any other type of image that matches your business objectives.
  • A profile description that describes you and your professional philosophy in a few simple sentences.
  • A link to your website because it’s the only place on Instagram where you can constantly keep a website URL.
  1. Be Consistent

Consistency is a major issue in Instagram marketing because you need to be present and available around the clock. Generally speaking, it means you should publish a new post or story at least once a day. It’s the optimal pace because it keeps reminding users of your brand without pushing it too hard.

At the same time, you have to be consistent content-wise. The point is to build a unique style and help followers to recognize you as soon as they see any of your new posts.

  1. Use all the available functions

Instagram is a versatile social media, so we strongly encourage you to use all the available tools. There are lots of useful resources to check out on Instagram, but the most important tools include the following:

  • Filters allow brands to come up with a highly specific style and publish visually consistent posts and stories
  • Special effects are great if you want to enrich posts and make them look more compelling
  • Data analytics is a must if your plan is to grow the brand consistently and keep improving the content in the long run
  1. Use Instagram marketing platforms

Native Instagram tools are amazing, but why stop there? There are dozens of precious third-party apps and platforms that can support your Instagram marketing campaigns. We can divide these tools into a few basic categories:

  • Scheduling apps that help brands with content planning
  • Hashtag platforms to find and create better hashtags
  • Monitoring tools to track progress and keep an eye on competitors
  • Data analysis programs to understand the way your account is going
  • Content design tools for making fabulous visuals
  • Gamification apps that make it easier to run contests and giveaways
  • Audience research platforms

6. Find and utilize the right hashtags

You probably understand the value of hashtags for Instagram promotion, but we can’t help but add this tip to our list as well. Namely, hashtags act as genuine Instagram keywords as they help users to search for interesting topics and discover great content.

You should keep two things in mind here. He first one is to create a unique brand-related hashtag that users will remember you by. And secondly, you need to take advantage of other popular hashtags that make the biggest impression on the audience in your niche.

  1. Build a community of followers

The key goal of every brand is to grow the fan base and accumulate a lot of Instagram followers, but that’s not the only thing you should think about. On the contrary, it is even more important to build a community of loyal and engaged Instagram followers.

Loyal fans will always be there to discuss interesting topics with you and spread the word about your activities. But to make them fully engaged, you have to publish amazing content and concentrate on topics that really matter to your typical follower.

  1. Support a higher cause

Do you know that 70% of consumers want brands to take a stand on social issues and state it clearly on social networks such as Instagram? Most people believe in some sort of a higher cause and they expect you to acknowledge and communicate their beliefs. If you embrace this attitude and promote the right cause, rest assured the audience will recognize it and start appreciating your brand more than ever before.

  1. Keep an eye on niche competitors

No matter how hard you try, you can never attract every Instagram user you are currently targeting. Don’t forget that there are other brands on this network that target the same audience and some of them are likely more successful than you.

One thing you can do, however, is to keep an eye on your closest competitors and see how they plan and execute campaigns on Instagram. Although you don’t want to steal their ideas, you can use it as the source of inspiration and learn new tricks from industry leaders.

  1. Stay tuned and engage with your followers

As a social media platform, Instagram’s basic purpose is to be a communication channel that brings together brands and their fans. You should make use of it to engage and interact with your followers as often as possible.

For example, you can re-share interesting posts published by your followers, ask questions to stimulate engagement and reply to their comments. It’s a simple way to build relationships and strengthen the bond between you and your Instagram fans.

  1. Run contests and giveaways

This tip is aligned with the previous one on our list since contests and giveaways represent superior Instagram engagement techniques. The idea is to encourage users to design brand-related content and offer rewards or small perks in exchange. The prize can be anything from free samples to discount coupons, but it definitely pays off because Instagram contests and giveaways are serious engagement boosters.

  1. Use ads when necessary

If you are struggling to raise awareness or simply want to promote a new piece of content, you might as well use Instagram advertising to speed things up. The platform gives you incredible targeting features, so you can easily approach verified leads with one of these three advertising methods:

  • Core audience targeting based on demographic traits
  • Custom audience targeting that focuses on Instagram users who already established some sort of contact with the brand
  • Lookalike audience targeting based on the characteristics of your existing customers
  1. Always include a call to action

Finally, you should remember to add a call to action (CTA) to every Instagram post. The purpose of your account is to drive engagement, so you better make sure to inspire the audience to take action based on your content and the corresponding CTA. You can invite users to click a link in the Bio or answer a question, but the most important thing is to include a CTA in your posts all the time.

The Bottom Line

If there is one platform that can help you skyrocket the brand, it must be Instagram. This platform is perfect for brands looking to raise awareness and build stronger relationships with their fans, so you absolutely have to design a sustainable Instagram marketing strategy.

In this post, we showed you the benefits of Instagram marketing and explained 13 ways to build your own brand on this social media network. Even if you are not new on Instagram, there is always room for improvement, so make sure to use our tips and give your brand a fresh boost very soon!

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Thomas Lanigan is a digital marketer and a blogger from London, UK. He is interested in topics such as social media marketing, email campaigns, leads nurturing, and graphic design. Thomas is the father of a lovely toddler and a passionate long-distance runner.

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