Mind Blowing Web Copywriting Tips to Follow in 2021

[This article was written by Dave Brown.]

Copywriting has changed over the last decade with the introduction of mobile devices and new search algorithms. It’s not just about the right keywords and phrases any more. Copywriting has had to evolve to include more factors. Here are some great tips that will improve your copywriting skills in 2021.

Understand Your Niche

There are millions of baby algorithms on Google search crawling through content every single second. These algorithms cater to very specific niches and select the most relevant content for searches. These algorithms work by using data from millions of searches every day and optimizing for niche queries. If you want to appear in the top of search results rankings, then you need to understand your audience.

You have to understand that there are probably millions of websites catering to your niche today. Hence, to stand out, you need to find out what your audience wants. Cultivating an audience isn’t going to be an overnight task. You will need to work at it consistently. That means producing content at a regular pace for your audience for many months.

Also, taking polls, encouraging feedback, and discussions in comments or on social media will help. At times, you can even ask your audience what they would like to read about. This will help your website reach more readers and more visitors.

Go For Actionable, Useful Content

In 2018, Google came out with a massive update to its search algorithm called Google E-A-T. The update basically optimized search for Expertise-Authority-Trustworthiness. Hence, content that was well sourced, filled with relevant and useful content, and trustworthy would be preferred.

In essence, this means that stuffing keywords and regurgitating articles is no longer going to work. In 2021, your copywriting strategy should be to produce content that is all your own. It should be to produce content that says something new rather than reproducing the same things.

Go for actionable, useful content rather than trendy clickbait. If visitors come to your website and actually get something useful, they’ll be less likely to click off. This will reduce the bounce rate of your website and will improve its search results rankings.

Finally, remember to piggyback off the authority of other sites. If you source facts and figures by linking to other, more authoritative sites, you can gain authority by association.

If you’re looking to generate actionable content on a regular basis, you should try hiring copywriting services.

Keep the Best Content On Top

Whatever you’re posting, remember that keeping the best content on top works best. You should put the most attractive and useful information where your readers can see it easily. Don’t make them scroll to get to the good stuff.

This also helps when Google’s algorithms are crawling your website for relevant content. If they find the relevant content at the top, they’re more likely to highlight it for a snippet. This will make it easier for your audience to get a specific result for their queries in Google search.

Keep Your Copy as Readable as Possible

Remember that you’re trying to appeal to as many people as possible, even within your niche. Hence, you need to keep your content readable. That mean you need to keep your content simple, even within your niche.

There are a few simple rules to follow to ensure that happens. First, make sure that you space out your content into different paragraphs of not more than 3-4 lines each. This will make the content easier to skim through.

Also make sure that any new topic, even a sub-topic, comes with its own headings. This will not only help your visitors to identify relevant content, but Google to crawl through your website.

Finally, make sure that you keep your sentences to a maximum of 20 words each. That will encourage readability and prevent run on sentences. That’s not just a good rule for grammar, but for lucid content.

You should also refrain from using too much technical jargon. If you must, make sure that you include a glossary at the end of the post and mark each word with a footnote or an asterisk.

Also, get rid of any fluff or repetition. That way, your readers won’t be annoyed at having to slog through the same thing over and over again.

Using these great tips, you can transform your web copy to boost sales and traffic.

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Dave is in charge of the website copywriters at Content Development Pros. He handles all the web copy that goes out. He enjoys reading novels in his free time and frequents comic cons.

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