Marketing in the New Decade: 4 Ways Marketers Can Expand Their Strategies

[This article was written by Anita Ginsburg.]

If you’re a marketer, you know that marketing is changing as the public become more dependent on technology. To be able to meet your clients’ needs, you need to be able to alter your approach to marketing. Here are some important tips you can use to improve the effectiveness and reach of your efforts.

Direct Messaging

Marketing has moved out of the purely public domain to become more focused on individual contact with potential customers through direct messaging. Many social media apps now allow companies to message users directly to market their services. The research also shows that this strategy works.

Post Scheduling

Web-based applications like Hootsuite allow users to plan and coordinate their social media postings across all the major platforms. For companies that are strapped for time, the ability to write and schedule posts weeks into advance means that they can free themselves up to focus on other important tasks while automated postings courtesy of free web-based apps replace the need for tedious posting by manually inserting the text and media in several different platforms. In addition to saving time, another benefit of scheduled posting is that you can optimize your posts to go out during times they are likely to receive more views and, as a result, get greater return on investment.

White Label SEO Reseller

SEO sellers are one half of a business relationship in which the client pays for the SEO services of a professional individual or group that specializes in search engine optimization. Many marketing companies do not have the time or resources to conduct the necessary market research to develop their own SEO strategy. Instead, they rely on groups outside the company to support their traffic and ranking on popular search engines. This would be a white label SEO reseller.

For example, a marketing firm working for a client might use an SEO reseller as part of the client’s marketing program. The client does not know whether the SEO data came from the marketing firm or a third-party, and it is irrelevant as long as they see a bump in their rankings on search engines.

New Markets

Social media giants still retain the vast majority of internet eyeballs, but smaller social media networks that have popped up in recent years like Ello and Minds have steadily gained members. Clever marketers should look at these sites, with much cheaper advertising rates, as good places to target potential customers in addition to maintaining a presence on the bigger platforms like Facebook and Google.

The landscape of marketing is always evolving. We’ll see more exciting opportunities for better engagement as we move through this decade and into the next.

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